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Crystal Cascades

Bored of the daily grind of sleeping off hangovers, chilling in the sun by the pool, buying goon and getting drunk we decided to be productive today and go on another roadtrip.

13 of us hired a convoy of Getz’s……ok…..3 Getz’s……and hit the road up to Crystal Cascades…..a freshwater plunge pool……for a day of team bonding type antics!

After ignoring the sign that said do not swim beyond this point and do not jump the barriers we found a lush spot, and joined another group of people.

After spending the day swimming in waterfalls, taking pics and jumping off insanely high rock ledges we decided to hit Trinity beach.

Detouring to the shopping centre for supplies we decided to have a massive beach BBQ. Oz is lush for this. In all the parks, beach fronts and generally all over the place they have gas BBQ hot plates which you can use them for free, all they ask is that you clean them after you use them. The respect and trust in Oz makes England seem pretty dire!hahaha!

$90 worth of meat later we hit the beach and fired up the BBQ’s. Me and 2 of the guys took the chef roll and rustled up burgers, chicken and hot dogs for the group – mellowing out by the beach with some bevvies in the evening sun, under the envious watch of passer bys and people paying top dollar in the restaurant opposite!

A beautiful day full of beautiful people and beautiful experiences…..i found the kind of scenario you dream about when planning your travels.



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