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Coral Bay

Following the shinanigans of last night we made and mid morning mission up the coast to Coral Bay. The only detour of the day was to the Blowholes.

This natural fountain is produced when underwater caves break through at the surface…the pressure from the wave swell forces its way into the cave and it ejected as a powerful spurt of water, accompanied by an eerie gushing sound. Pretty impressive.

A late lunch and we were soon heading for afternoon of driving…

So we arrived at Coral Bay late evening…the moonlight bounced off the glassy waters but there was little to see in the way of scenery.

Our budget is running pretty low and we’ve stumbled across another travelling tip. When in a camper only pay the nomial fee for a pitch. Pitches on the West coast are averaging around $35 per night, which permits 2 people. Additional persons are charged at around $15 per person per night.


Pay for 2 people and let the other two sneak in!

Now I dont condone stealing and such like. But when a single massive business controls all sleeping facilities in the area (such as monkey mia and coral bay) and the local authorities have needlessly plastered the surrounding lay bys with ‘No Camping’ signs (probably influenced by aforementioned business) I can bend the rules.

I would however stress that I would never imply such tactics to a small family owned business….where I would happily pay full fee.

Blag done we had an early night…it had been a long trek.

The next morning we were up bright and breezy…mainly to check out asap incase we got busted!

Headed down to the bay which was lined with white sand and filled with crystal clear water.

The snorkelling kit was soon on and I was soon exploring what the underwater playgorund had to offer.

There was plenty of coral ‘bombies’ to check out and the place was teeming with fish of all shapes, sizes and colours. I discovered a pretty freaking big stingray half buried in the sand  but my most interesting find of the day was a moray eel.

Fully grown moray eel (which can be meters long) inhabit underwater nooks and crannies and I was fully aware of their razor sharp teeth and sometimes aggressive behaviour, something which quickly sprang to mine as the brightly coloured eel, obviously caught off guard by my presence, leered back angrily and proceeded to head straight at me!

It was about this point where I decided I should possibly explore another area of the bay!hahaha!

Mid way through the afternoon we were joined by the other camper (which had opted for an extra evening at the Blowholes accompanied by muchos goon and beer!). More snorkelling and lots of sunbathing were had.

After a group discussion we decided to spend another night at Coral Bay to take full advantage of the Ningaloo Reef and the tours which operated in the area. We’re hitting this part of the coast slightly out of season and had been tipped off that many tours weren’t operating in Exmouth, where we had planned on spending a few days.

Kty Lou, Jonny, Megan, Lorna and Becky opted for a quad biking and snorkelling tour. Sarah decided a day at the beach saving her dollar was in order whilst me and Rob decided to go all out and do a day trip to the outter reef to swim with Manta Rays (which we  managed to get $40 off!)

Following the tour booking we were left with a free evening. I busted out the Devonshire charm once again and blagged free hire of a skimboard. It wasn’t quite my inky but it did the job of entertaining me!

Another half price night at a new campsite, sunset on the beach and a massive meal of spag bog finished the night and we hit the sack ready for an early rise….

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