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FROM THE VAULT; Sydney New Year

It’s that time of the year again…this time it’s 2010 I’m waving goodbye too – and epic year full of travels that started in style with the fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge, something that should be on everyones bucket list. So here’s another From The Vault…my experience of one of Sydney’s top treats.

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A few days at Bondi

Bondi Beach in my opinion is rather over rated. But that didn’t really matter to me because after a few days inland I simply wanted to wake up and be either overlooking the surf or a short distance from the sea!

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Back to Sidders

So after a few days chilling in the back gardens of Maz’s (@fillingtheages) mates (where muchos beer and goon was consumed on a regular basis!) the time came to say goodbye to the nations capital and head up the East Coast…a prospect I was rather excited about due to surf withdrawal symptoms!

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Goodbye Sidders

Ok…so I’ve kept it schtum on the old Facebook and Twittering but the last few days of my Oz adventure have been rather eventful and stressful! After deciding to leave Sydney a week ago I spent days tirelessly seraching the internet and hostel notice boards for a suitable campervan to be my home for the …

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Comes really close to Gilligans in terms of its all round goodness! The 10 bed dorm I had over the xmas period was MASSIVE (good room parties), although the 8 bed I had to get after was a lot smaller. It’s clean and tidy throughout, and everything pretty modern.

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