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North America

A Taste of Hawaii

There is so much to Hawaii, and when planning your trip to this Pacific paradise, it may seem impossible to pick just one island to visit. Thankfully, for travelers hoping to experience a bit of Aloha across each of them, hopping between the islands has never been easier. Hawaii vacations can come in many different …

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My Top Hawaiian Waves

As a surfer I’ve long been fantasizing about taking an Hawaii vacation – arguably the most famous place on the planet to surf and the birth place of the sport that has consumed my life. All the islands are littered with world class surf breaks, with the best names in surfing found in the lineups …

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30 More Ideas For My Travel Bucket List

I first published my bucket list late last year and as with all things travel it’s snowballed since I’ve been back on the road backpacking again! I’ve added a few things here and there, some that I hadn’t considered putting on the list until I actually booked to do them and some on the recommendation …

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Saturday Showcase – The Wanderlust Project

7N5TQ7B8N4KU So last week the self proclaimed chocolate covered nymph from Reclaiming My Future told us tales of biscuit obsessions and romance on the road – she’s set the bar high for entertainment so let me introduce her next nomination; Sheryll from The Wanderlust Project… So lets get started! Who are you and what’s your …

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REVIEW; Six Flag Magic Mountain

Whilst kicking about in LA I decided to get fully involved in the mass media and entertainment that attracts so many people – after looking through my options I narrowed it down to Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Disneyland. Feeling relatively flush and having a good amount of time on my hand I …

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USA – My Impressions of LA

LA and Hollywood is the place where people descend to follow their dreams and hunt for stardom – this lust for fame has turned the city into an eclectic mixture of culture and people. From the wannabes that never quite made it to the global superstars. And it’s this magnetism for recognition that makes LA …

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