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Photo of The Week – 09.05.11

Australian War Museum, Canberra Many backpackers tend to neglect or overlook Australias capital, Canberra, on their travels around Oz – yet it is the epi centre of the country. For me the Australian War museum alone is a great reason to visit, it’s a solid day out and a great history and culture fix. And …

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Back to Sidders

So after a few days chilling in the back gardens of Maz’s (@fillingtheages) mates (where muchos beer and goon was consumed on a regular basis!) the time came to say goodbye to the nations capital and head up the East Coast…a prospect I was rather excited about due to surf withdrawal symptoms!

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Heading for Canberra

So after a great couple weeks partying, van pimping, rude bin men illegal parking awakening and roatripping in and around Melbourne its time to semi start the East Coast carnage….backtracking up the never ending Hume Highway via Canberra and Sydney. First stop Canberra though….with a couple days catch up in the company of Mirianne (@fillingthepages) …

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