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Cape Tribulation

Word of advice to travellers….if you can do it off your own back you’ll save yourself alot of dollar!

In this instance Cape tribulation was going to cost us around $160 per person. Instead me, the 2 dannys, linzi and becky managed to do it for $60 per person including accomodation – now that a hefty saving that can be used towards goon supplies!

After shaking off the hangovers we hired a car between us (a Getz, which is handy cos thats what i drive at home!) and headed up the Captain Cook Highway towards Cape Tribulation – an area of outstanding natural beauty where the rainforest meets the sea.

The weather on the way up was less than perfect, a few rainy showers but still too hot to survive without air con!

First point of call on the roadtrip was Port Douglas – about halfway between Cairns and The Cape. Its a nice little town with alot of money due to the Marina. Had a wander around, ate some amazing sandwhiches and ice cream (i saw ate….danny decided to wear most of his) and we were on our way again.

Next stop was Mossman Gorge. A little hike in the rainforest and we were at the fresh water plunge pools. However we gave swimming a miss and bookmarked it for the way back.

After a beautiful costal drive and falling to spot ANY Cassowarys (despite numerous signs!) and some interesting interpretations of Aussie road signs (no goon, remove bowler hat…..!) we arrived at PK’s jungle village, bang slap on the beach the wooden huts lay surrounded by lush green rainforest – complete with some lizards and a couple of decent sized spiders! :)

After a quick walk along the beach…..dubiously trying to spot the resident croc…..we rustled up a spag bog in less than adequate kitchen facilities! The guys decide to have a few bevvies, but i passed out, sober for a change, and proceeded to get a full 12hours sleep, lulled off by the chirping of crickets.

The next morning we went for another beach wonder, along the rainforest paths – which resulted in me licking the green ants……they taste of lemon!hahahaha!

Road trip time again…..back to Mossman Gorge in the gorgeous sunshine. Spent the morning swimming and relaxing, generally having a lush time!

Port Douglas on the way home again for a nice bit of fish and chips by the water…..Spanish Mackrel…..perfectly cooked and as fresh as it comes!

Arrived back in Cairns early evening….ready for an evening of birthday bash carnage…..bring on the goon :D


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