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Campervan Time

Well it’s finally time for one of the main part of my Oz trip – Campervaning up the West Coast of Australia :)

Now for those of you out of the loop on the dilemas this has caused (including the parentals who I’ve kept largely in the dark to prevent them panicking!) I shall list off the issues this particular month in my life has caused me so far!

  • It basically caused the breakdown of my last relationship.
  • One person dropped out and decided to disappear of the face of the planet, leaving us a man down and largely out of pocket.
  • The original campervan crew (myself, Becky, Sarah, Kty Lou, Linzi, Amy and Jaimey) then spent the 8months leading up to leaving for Oz trying to fill said space and muchos bitching was had about Lauren (I’ll go for a good old fashion name and shame here!) dropping out, not so much for dropping out, more not holding to her word about paying her share.
  • I then met the ever amusing Johnny on the plane from London-Hong Kong. Realising the potential of a West Coast roadtrip and by no means influenced by the heavy girl to boy ratio he jumped on board!
  • Then for reasons I dont care too much about Jaimey bailed on us. 10 days before we flew to Perth! Not cool. Not even a real apology or attempting to pay for her space. We were left with a “I’m sure you can fill it”. Great.
  • Then for reasons that were never made completely clear the same day Amy dropped out. In fact the aforementioned reasons i dont care too much for were involved, but loosely.I have my theories but cant really be bothered with it anymore. Again no real apology and no hint of helping the remainder of us out with the increasingly mounting additional cost.
  • So now we’re 2 campers down and with no hope of cancellation without loosing alot of dollar.
  • So once again I go out networking and with 6hours of meeting them I have convinced Lorna and Megan (two lovely Scottish girls) to join us. They book their flights to Perth and the problem has been avoided.
  • Not so much.
  • Due to financial issues Linzi decides to drop out for definite the night before we fly to Perth.
  • So with 5 days to go we’re again up sh*t creek.
  • Cue campervan brainstorming.
  • We’re getting desperate now. So we create a poster. An amusingly blunt poster which me, lorna and megan distribute amongst the notice boards of Perths hostels, and for some reason a random internet cafe.
  • It’s now Wednesday night (happy wednesday Brighton btw!) and we’re all doing the maths about how much extra everyone will have to pay. We’re all pretty bummed out and have turned to goon for consolement!
  • My phone rings. I’m already half cut and dont recognise the number.
  • Silence grips the room as I banter to someone interested in joining us. We grill him in a rather amusing but friendly way – after all we could possibly be spending the next month with him! A meeting is arranaged. spirits are lifetd, as are cups full of goon!
  • The next day we met Rob – a curly haired semi surfer guy from Herefordshire. He’s sound as a pound and keen to join our random rabble of people from across the UK up the West Coast.
  • After a night out getting drunk with me, Johnny, Megan and Lorna dancing in clubs, spilling drinks, paying $10 for Jack and Cokes and finishing up in a gay club (the only club we could find open after 1am!!!!!) he’s 100%.

So the following day we pick up the Campers. A slight detour has already been arranged – down south the Brussleton (where Rob has family) and Margaret River, followed by a trip to Wave Rock.

As my Peter Pan yellow band kindly reminds me:

“Let the Journey Begin….”