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canon powershot g7x come see campaign

The Travel Behind The Travel Blog – Canon Come See Campaign

Over the last few months I’ve been stoked to be collaborating with the team at Canon Europe in their new “Come & See Campaign” with the launch of two new cameras – the Canon 7D Mark II (the upgrade from my current digital SLR) and their new compact camera; the Canon PowerShot G7 X

As part of this I was invited up to London to a secret location, signed heaps of non disclosures and complicated looking contracts and got to test out both cameras before they were even announced! Having studied photography at university (where I got a BA in Documentary Photography) it was like being a kid in a sweet shop and I got to have a total camera geek out for the day!

The reason they asked me to test out the Canon PowerShot G7 X is simple – it’s aimed at those who need the creativity and power of an SLR, but in a much more compact package. As a travel blogger those are two of my biggest needs in a camera as space is at a premium but I still want to have a camera with me at all times to capture my travels!


Getting Creative

As well as being interviewed for the G7X launch video Canon have also set me a couple of creative challenges as part of their “Come and See” campaign – which encourages people to discover and capture new experiences as part of your personal photography – whether that’s showcasing an alternative or unseen side of your hometown or simply documenting something new about your own lifestyle.

My first creative challenge was to create a short video showing something unseen about where I live. However, given the fact that I don’t have a solid base these days I decided to interpret it in a different context and capture something about my lifestyle that I rarely show – a difficult challenge for someone who documents their day to day life via blogs and social media!


The Travel Behind The Travel Blog

The more I thought about it though the more I realised that the one thing I don’t really photograph or talk about is the actual travel in my travelling lifestyle. Sure I talk about  the destination , I document the cost and ways to get from A to B, but it dawned on me that the finer details of travelling are something I now overlook.

The act of travel itself.

So that’s what I decided to create – a video about that realisation and capturing the small, overlooked details of the journeys and flights I make so often.



This is a collaborative post in conjunction with Canon Europe as part of their “Come and See Campaign” which you can follow using the #comeandsee

All video shot using the new Canon Powershot G7X.

canon logo g7x come see campaign

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