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Beach walk and GMTV

I woke up…hungover again…

But the Wakeup crew has other ideas….a beach walk from Coogee to Bondi, $5 for a return bus fare and a beer? SOLD!

35degree heat and a hangover wasn’t really the best idea but i needed some beach therapy…and the guided tour sorted me right out.

An informative and comical tour was has…and after a few hours walking and sweating we turned the headland and were presented with the most infamous stretch of sand in Sydney and possibly Australia….Bondi.

The surf wasn’t brilliant (a foot at max) so I didnt bother with hiring a board, a swim in the cool waters washed away the sweat and some body surfing kept me entertained and gave me my fix of salt water therapy. Had a proper good chuckle at Kezzas expense too by swimming underwater and grabbing her ankles…..her face was priceless!hahahaha!

After a couple hours of sunbathing, swimming and lazing around we all caught the bus back, all eagerly awaiting our ice cold beverage.

That pint was the Aussie dream….ice cold after a day baking on the beach :)

But we had to dash…GMTV were in town!

After a mission of a walk me n the Kezster (i’m running out of nicknames!!!!) arrived at the botanical gardens and Mrs Maquires Point, and alongside hundreds of other backpackers we waved our flags and got on the live GMTV broadcast with the iconic bridge and opera house on the background to wave at our family in friends who we’d all woken up for the occasion!hahaha!

It was worth it for 10 seconds of my face on TV under a Devon flag :)

Heading back to Wakeup we were shattered….but it wasnt gonna dampen our spirits

Again the 702 crew was assembled, and enlarged by some new comers and friends of friends. People mingled, people drank, people smiled and had fun.

The trade mark Sidebar session ensued and another late night was had :)

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