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Beach Guide – Surfing Morocco

Having just returned soaking up the sun and surf in Morocco and having visited this part of the world a couple of times now I thought I’d bash out a rough surf guide to southern Morocco and a breakdown of the places and spots you might want to hit up…


These little surf towns sit side by side about a 20minute drive north of Agadir and are the epi centre of surfing in Morocco. Tagazoute is the larger of the two and reminds me slightly of Croyde in North Devon – a place full of boards, a few surf shops and a smalls selection of cheap places to eat.

In my opinion it’s best to stay in the quieter Tamraght where accommodation is slightly cheaper and it’s less about the surf camps.

Devils Rock

Local folklore states that the devil himself is buried beneath the rock on the point, but either side of it are some of the most consistent beach breaks. The left side is slightly more sheltered and can hold a large hollow wave on a high tide, the right is a longer stretch of beach and therefore less crowded.

Both are suitable for beginners but beware of rips in bigger swell.

Banana Point

A favorite for the surf schools Banana Point is a mellow beach break which work on most swells. As it gets bigger there is also a take off point from the headland where you can score some long rides.

On my most recent trip the sandbanks seems to have shifted so it wasn’t quite as good – but it’s still a great place for beginners, and on a bigger swell intermediates too.


Just before you hit Tagazoute from Tamraght lies a long sandy beach called Panormas. It’s a great place to to relax in the sun but also provides a nice sheltered wave which is great for learning or having a mess about.

Best for beginners/surf schools and for those looking for a fun wave.

Hash Point

The aptly named Hash Point sits within Tagazoute and can produce some great faces on a bigger swell. If it’s big enough it can sometimes link right into Panoramas.

Due to a rocky bottom and size needed to work it’s mainly for intermediates and up.

Anchor Point

Probably the most famous break in the area. Anchors is a long hollow right hand point break which works from 3foot up. Entry and exit is via a rocky outcrop jump off so be careful – it’s claimed more than a few boards. When it’s firing it gets very crowded but is my favourite break on this coastline.

Only for the confident/experienced but due to the way it breaks along the rock it’s a great place to watch if you don’t want to risk the paddle out.


So called because of the Killer Whales which are occasionally spotted off the headline Killers is a long reeling break only for the experienced. On a big swell it can produce some of the longest rides in Morocco – but it’s matched by the length of the paddle out. An experienced surfer can expect to take about 15mins to get into the lineup.

Size and the long paddle out mean it’s only for the experienced.


A good trek up the coast lies a horeshoe bay called Immosuanne. This bay has a great wave which wraps around the shoreline but needs a big swell to get it working. If you time the drive correctly you can spend a lazy day cruising less crowded waves.

Great for beginners right through to advanced.

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