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bali visa on arrival 30 day how to extend indonesia covid 19 border entry requirements

Bali Visa On Arrival Is Back! All The Details (Inc How To Extend)

The Bali Visa On Arrival (VOA) is back! Here’s everything you need to know – inc entry requirements, CHSE hotels, visa extensions & more!

Planning a trip to Bali or Indonesia? Good news, the Bali Visa On Arrival is back!

Here’s everything you need to know about the announcement, how to get your Bali Visa on Arrival, and how to extend for an additional 30 days stay!

Bali Visa On Arrival Is Back! Here Are All The Details



What Is The Visa On Arrival (VOA?)

The Bali Visa On Arrival (also known as the VOA), covers Bali and Indonesia (as Bali is part of Indo!) and allows tourists a 30 day stay in the country.

It’s granted on arrival (hence the name) and costs roughly US$35, paid just before immigration.

It had been suspended (due to COVID and border closures) by as of March 7th 2022, it’s back in action again and is the easiest and most cost effective way to travel around Bali and Indonesia.

Key Facts About the Visa On Arrival:

    • Visa On Arrival for Tourism is a Visit Stay Permit with a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days
    • Can be extended for a maximum of 1 (one) extension for a period of 30 (thirty) days at the Immigration Office (total stay = 60 days) and can also be done with an accredited visa agent.
    • Foreigners holding a Visit On Arrival for Tourism cannot apply for a New Stay Permit through a Visa application (onshore visa/Kitas), they must leave Indonesia to apply.
    • Foreigners holding a Visa On Arrival for Tourism can leave the territory of Indonesia through all Immigration checkpoints.
    • Current rate for a Visa On Arrival Special for Tourism is IDR. 500,000 / US$35


Is There Still Quarantine/Entry Requirements?

Even if you’re heading to Bali on the Visa on Arrival you’ll still need to abide by all the latest entry requirements for Indonesia.

As of writing this includes:

      • Fully vaccinated (2 or 3 doses) and paper certificate
      • Negative pre flight PCR test (paper copy)
      • Return flight or proof of onward flight
      • Negative PCR test on arrival
      • 3 night stay at a CHSE certified hotel (you can check the options here
      • Another negative PCR test on day 3
      • Travel insurance including COVID medical coverage

Technically there isn’t any quarantine (as you can leave the CHSE hotel during the 3 days), but you will need to have those 3 nights booked prior to arriving in Bali.

PLEASE NOTE: Entry requirements are continually changing and evolving, so make sure you double check the most up to date requirements before travelling. Latest advice can be found here



Which Countries Does It Include?

Currently the Bali Visa On Arrival (VOA) is limited to travellers on the following 23 passports:

      1. Australia
      2. United State (USA)
      3. Netherland
      4. Brunei Darussalam
      5. The Philippines
      6. United Kingdom
      7. Italy
      8. Japan
      9. Germany
      10. Cambodia
      11. Canada
      12. South Korea
      13. Laos
      14. Malaysia
      15. Myanmar
      16. France
      17. Qatar
      18. New Zealand
      19. Singapore
      20. Thailand
      21. Turkiye
      22. United Arab Emirates
      23. Vietnam


How Do You Extend Your Bali Visa?

One of the advantages of the paid visa on arrival is the fact you have the option to extend it by another 30 days once you’ve in the country.

It’s a pretty simple process, but as you’ll quickly discover with a lot of things in Indo, it can take a while!

Luckily they’ve not changed it up from pre COVID:

        1. Get the paid visa on arrival at the airport (NOT THE FREE ONE)
        2. Find a good Bali visa agent – I use Bali Visas
        3. Pay your extension fees (around $52USD)
        4. Head to the immigration office for photo and fingerprints when your agent books you in
        5. Enjoy up to 60 days exploring Bali and Indonesia!

If you do want to use Bali Visas (my personal choice) drop them a WhatsApp on +62 816-772-262 and say I sent you!

View my full guide to extending your Bali visa on arrival here


Are you planning a trip to Bali soon?

Make sure you check out all my reviews, guides and tips!



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