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Bali Live Aboard Surf Charter – My Top Shots

Last week I ticked one of my most anticipated items off my bucket list – one of the pilgrimages of surfer worldwide – by heading out around Indonesia on a surf charter boat from Bali.

Incase you’re not in the surfing loop that basically involves about 15 surfers, a whole heap of boards and a big ass boat cruising around the gorgeous and picture perfect reef breaks of Indo in search of epic waves. I didn’t touch land for a week and it was a Bintang fuelled 7days of amazingness. My review of it is coming next week, but for now here’s my Top Bali Surf Charter Shots.

…and yes they have been edited using some filters – I’m experimenting with a few at the mo!

The Dream Weaver

 Our boat for the week – 16 beds, outdoor seating and eating area, fully stocked bar, onboard chef, epic crew and lots of sex wax!

Searching for Waves

Early morning discussions between the Captain and surfers deciding which breaks to spend the day surfing at.

Pre Surf Pondering

 That pondering look only a surfer gets pre session, eyeing up the waves and imagining the waves.

Loading Up The Tinny

 Our awesome crew loading up boards for the short tinny ride to the shoulder of the wave, living the dream!

Paddling Towards Perfection

 Two of the guys paddle out towards the awaiting lineup as a lush Bali barrell rolls through unridden.

Bottom Turn

 A carving bottom turn, setting himself up a nice cutback at a spot called Ekas.

Watching the Lineup

Desert Point, one of the best left hand breaks in the world firing off, and with a crowded lineup to match! I avoiding the punishingly heavy waves and spent the morning shooting the surf instead!

Setting Up For the Tube

 An unknown surfer sets him up for a hollow desert barrel – and he made it out in one piece too!

El Capitano!

 Our Captain – Tolfik – steering us towards some pumping, uncrowded waves.

Hanging Up To Dry

After a hard days surf the boat became lined with boardies hanging up to dry – not a wetsuit in sight!

Dinner Time Chaos

 The crew sitting down with us for an epic meal of fresh crab and prawns – and a few cheeky Bintangs!

Into the Green Room

What we all boarded the boat to find – perfect peeling waves with not a person in sight. Happy days all round!

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