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Backpacker Banter Turns 3!

Backpacker Banter Turns 3!

3 years ago this month I was sat in my living room in Devon, England and hit “publish” on my rebranded, newly revamped blog.

Yup that’s right is now 3 years old!

When the site went live I had literally no clue where the hell it was going, all I knew was I liked to talk travel, explore the world and connect with the amazing backpacker community out there.


3 Years On

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Since then the site has taken me on the most amazing adventure. It’s turned from a hobby into a business (I’m still not quite sure how I achieved that!) and it’s allowed me to travel the world for over 2 years now.

In that time I’ve worked with heaps of awesome business around the globe and I’m stoked to have enjoyed so many amazing experiences and really got stuck into ticking stuff off my bucket list – which is still continually growing the more I travel.

I’ve even had images from my site promoted by the likes of GoPro and the site has been featured in South East Asia Backpacker Mags Top Blogs to Follow, made HostelWorlds Top Blog List and I won Asia Rooms top travel tip blog of 2013…which I was heaps stoked with!

It really has been an amazing ride.

What I’m even more stoked about though are the people I’ve connected with along the way, both on the road and through the site – you guys, my readers.

I receive heaps of awesome emails from you guys and it really makes everything totally worth it and although I’ve never thought of my self as an inspiration it’s a phrase that seems to be aimed at me a lot via email – it makes me smile and confused every time I hear it!



I guess what I really want to celebrate with this milestone is how much stoke I receive from everyone that reads the blog – there’s now 28,000+ of you visiting a month! Without you lot I’d be talking to an empty corner of the internet simply rambling about travel, or not travelling!

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Here’s To The Next Adventure…

You guys inspire and push me to keep doing what I’m doing, helping me make the site bigger and better. I appreciate every email I receive, every Facebook like, every comment and I do my best to respond as much as I can – but it’s a busy life juggling rubbish wifi, surf and travel!

I totally appreciate all your support throughout the ups and downs of my adventures (I was caught off guard with how many people emailed me to make sure I was ok when I mentioned that I’m now single again) and I hope that you continue to enjoy the site, my ramblings and hopefully I’m returning the favour by helping you guys calm your pre travel nerves and help with your planning!

I’ve met a few of you on the road and it’s great to put some faces to the names in my inbox – if I’m ever in your neck of the woods or we cross paths I’m always happy to share a cold beer and a chat!

… and if there’s anything you’d like to see on the site, any questions you’d love a post on then let me know!


Change of Plans

This years plans have changed some what with recent developments and I’m not entirely sure what will happen or where I’ll end up – but I can promise you all one thing:

I don’t intend to stop anytime soon and I’ll do my best to continue the chaos!

I’ll be celebrating this weekend in true Chris fashion – with some mojitos, surf, sun and good company.

…so here’s to the next year of stories, pictures, posts and amazing adventures.

Cheers for being part of the ride!


But in case you haven’t been here for the whole time, here’s the top 5 most popular posts from my last 3 years of blogging – incase you missed anything interesting!


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What’s your favourite post on the site from the last 3 years?

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