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Back to Sidders

So after a few days chilling in the back gardens of Maz’s (@fillingtheages) mates (where muchos beer and goon was consumed on a regular basis!) the time came to say goodbye to the nations capital and head up the East Coast…a prospect I was rather excited about due to surf withdrawal symptoms!

After a failed attempt to dry our newly washed clothes (due to torrential rain) we hit the road.

However the lack of Sat Nav is making city negotiating rather difficult these days so we inevitably got lost! This did end up playing in our favour though as our new route took us via Parliment Building, something I wanted to take a few pics of.

It’s an impressive building with a turfed roof which overlooks the previous Parliment and the stretch of road leading right through the city up to the War Museum.

Being slightly pushed for time meant I couldn’t fully explore it but I boshed out a few pics for you all…

…and so the roadtrip in the rain back to Sydney began….3 hours of roadtripping, followed by a surprisingly easy route back to Pitt Street for a legendary Sidebar $6 meal :)

Roll on the East Coast….