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I’m Heading Back To Asia!

Well it’s time for the next adventure…next stop Asia! Stoked to be heading back to explore Thailand, The Philippines and Indo – and I’ll be joined by a new travel buddy too!

Well I’m currently kicking back after a long haul flight back to the UK after an incredible month exploring and surfing in South Africa, however I’ve got 4 days to sort my life out before jetting off on the next adventure – once again on a one way ticket with no idea when I’ll return!

So what’s the plan?


Same Same But Different

koh rong island cambodia south east asia backpacker
I love photographing Asia

If you’ve been paying attention on Facebook or Instagram you’ll have a few clues of what my next set of plans entail.

Either way I’m stoked to announce I’m heading back to Asia!

Over the last few years I’ve bounced back and forth to Asia, it’s such a beautiful part of the world to explore, there’s heaps to do and most importantly it’s super budget friendly.

So Why am I going back again? What’s the plan this time?

Personally I love revisiting places. Some people hate going back over old ground but I find it a much more relaxed experience knowing where I shall be staying, the awesome little restaurants I’ve found that I’l be eating at and catching up on experiences I missed the first few time around.

It allows me to kick back and really soak up the ambience of the place – and means I feel less pressure on the work/lifestyle balance as I’m not cramming heaps in!

The plan this time around covers some firm favourites of mine mixed in with some exciting new stuff which has me pretty stoked!



Our Ride for the Day

The first stop is Thailand – where I’ll be following a pretty similar itinerary to the once I did with Stephen from A Backpackers Tale late last year.

Starting off in the chaos of Bangkok I’ll quickly be dropping down to Koh Tao where I’ll be getting back into the world of freediving again. I’ll also be joined by a new travel buddy – The Povester – and she’ll hopefully be completing her open water certification whilst we’re there.

She’s never explored Thailand before so I’ll be showing her around.

From there we may well pit stop over in my personal favourite of Phi Phi Island, or possibly even Railay Beach, it depend how much fun we’re having on Koh Tao really!

The final Thai stop is back with my buddies over at Khao Lak Scuba Adventures where we’ll be joining them out on the Similan Islands which is always a treat.

Coincidentally we’ll be on the same boat as my dive guides from my dive trip in Iceland! I love how small the world is sometimes!



The second stop on my Asia adventure is new ground for me – The Philippines – which I’m super stoked for. Its been on my bucket list for a long time now and to be honest I’m not sure why I’ve never mentioned to get out there yet!

After landing in Cebu we’ll be joining the guys at Freedive HQ for more underwater action before grabbing a flight over to Siargao.

Here it’s all about surfing and island life as we kick back with the guys at Kermits Surf Camp exploring the waves and island hoping around to see what the area has to offer – I’ve heard good things from heaps of my blogger buddies so I’m pretty excited.

The final section is still up in the air, but Boracay looks high on the list…any suggestions?!


kuta surf bali indonesia
Can’t Wait For More Boardshort Waves!


I’ll be finishing up 2014 in one of my favourite backpacking spots – Indonesia.

It looks like a jam packed finale to the year with heaps of surfing goodness in Kuta with my buddy Rich before exploring Gili T (more diving and freediving!) and Ubud before joining the Mojo Surf Crew on a week long island hopping surf trip across Bali, Nusa Lembongan and Java which should be treats all round – in fact that’s how I’m spending xmas!

With a New Years Eve promising heaps of Kuta based chaos fuelled by double doubles at Alley Cats bar it’s shaping up to be a pretty epic end finish to a fittingly chaotic year of travel plans!


And that’s basically the summary of how the final part of 2014 will be wrapping up for me – keeping to my promise that I’ll be spending as much time surfing, freediving and scuba diving as possible!


…but of course you guys already know how quickly my plans can change!

Let me know if you’re out in that part of the world and we can grab a beer!

Roll on the end of the week!

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