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Australia Day

Australia Day….the one day of the year that the whole of this great country fills eskys full of booze, cracks out the BBQ’s and has a little bit of a party.

….so when in Rome…!

After a good lie in we crawled out of our van (cheekily parked on a residential street in St Kilda!) busted out the goon, donned the Aussie flag transfers, loaded the esky full of food and wandered to the beach.

Obviously during the walk there was the obligatory stop to the liquor store for a bag of ice and a crate of Tooheys, then we picked a spot on the sand, were joined by Miss Kty Lou and cracked on with the drinking.

What followed was a day of suntanning, drinking, banter, sandwhiches, 30 second broken brollies, more drinking, ice, more drinking, policeman warnings, numbers given, dates made, pubs hit, old travel friends met, beers downed, muchies eaten, and general fun times had.

Australia Day, In Australia, done the Australian Way :)