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And The Winner Is…

After much deliberation over the winner of the Canary Island holiday comp me and Oceana from Barefoot Beach Blonde have decided on a winner.

We received a variety of entries – from the amusing and witty through to the downright sloppy and romantic!

In the end though it came down to these final 3…

  • Sam from Totally Sams World
  • Rhoda from Rhoda Reviews
  • and Gothic Pie

Sams entry caught our eye not just because of the slightly girl on girl undertones but due to the fact it make us both chuckle heaps, which is always a good way to view the world and put a smile on peoples faces.

Rhoda got massive points for effort – her full on poem divulging her blogger crush went back to the good old days when romance wasn’t dead and putting pen to paper was the way forward!

Gothic Pie was up there for creativity, a step by step guide to winning over your valentine and with some pretty damn awesome manga style pics to accompany it too – good work!

However though there can only be one winner, who will be jetting off to the Canary Islands courtesy of our buddies over at Thomas Cook…so without milking this suspense for all it’s worth the winner is….



Congrats Rhoda – looks lik you’ll be jumping on a flight to Tenerife and soaking up the sun pretty soon! Enjoy it and we look forward to seeing your holiday snaps!

Phi Phi Palms

…see a good bit of old fashioned romance always goes a long way – whether it’s a sneaky kiss from your crush or an island holiday away! Let that be a lesson to you all…romance doesn’t need to be dead!

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