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Airline Review; Easyjet

I’ve done quite a few reviews for activities and hostels that I’ve used whilst travelling but it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve missed one of the most important aspects that to some degree can make or break your travel experience – your flights. So I’ve decided to do review the airlines I’ve used in a quick easy to read overview to give you some idea of what it’s like to fly with a variety of carriers.
If I’ve had a bad experience I’ll let you know. If I’ve had a great experience I’ll be equally quick to let you in on in. After all your flights start and finish your trip…

First up is Easyjet, one of the most famous low cost airlines who I’ve used a few times – most recently to fly from London Gatwick to Agadir on one of their most long haul flights.


– Price
– Generous surfboard allowance (additionally paid)
– Quick boarding service
– Range of destinations


– No hold luggage (additional payment)
– Mainly shorthaul flights
– Customer service number/email is a nightmare
– No entertainment or meals included
– Limited flight times


I was actually pretty impressed with Easyjet. First off £60 for a return flight to Morocco is a bargain! Although I had to purchase in hold luggage separately in my opinion £20 for a 20kg limit isn’t too steep, and it easily covered both me and the girls packing.
I also had to add on a surfboard at £40 return, which again is extremely competitive compared with other carriers, but more importantly was based on weight NOT length. It added 12kg to my baggage allowance so for £60 I could have 32kg was of stuff including a board, happy days. More importantly the board arrived ok – but pack it well as a couple of peoples didnt (I get the impression this was more the baggage handlers than Easyjet tho and it wasn’t padded out).
I was extremely impressed with their check in. Even with a party of 8 including 4 pieces of luggage and 4 surfboards we waited for no longer than 10minutes, if that.
The flight itself went fine, although the lack of food, entertainment and adjustable seat pitch didn’t make it overly comfortable – but it wasn’t a major issue.
The only major downside is their customer service side of things – it took them over a week to reply to an email about the surfboard length allowance and over 40 minutes to answer my call. Luckily I bypassed the premium rate number and searched through SayNoTo0870 for a free one!

Overall you get what you pay for comfort wise but I got their in once piece and would happily use them again

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