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Airline Review; AeroGal

AeroGal Review


I wasn’t intending on flying anywhere during my trip to South America, I was intending to do the entire thing overland. But then again I wasn’t planning on the spontaneous travel splurge that was my trip to the Galapagos!


To get their involved a 1:40 flight – I had a couple of options on who to go with but I ended up booking with AeroGal.


I’ll get this moan out of the way because I’m sure it’s more to do with Galapagos restrictions and taxes than the actual airline (but I’m sure they take advantage of the niche market somewhat) but it was bloody expensive.

To the tune of $420.

$420 for 100minutes of flying, that’s $4.20 per minute!


However – it was the same across all the airlines that operate that routing. Even still I wasn’t best pleased!

I flew to Morocco last year with Easyjet (here’s my review of them) which was 4 and a half hours. That cost me £40 return. A tenth of the price for over twice the distance!


Anyways back to my AeroGal flight. Check in was a breeze (although again the destination proved the hassle with bag screenings, via waivers etc) and the staff were friendly enough about it all.


The plane was super clean and spacious and I was really comfortable from the off. As a 6 foot guy legroom is always a bit of an issue but AeroGal had it sussed, more than enough room to sprawl out and even moveable head cushions to box yourself in and avoid drooling on the shoulder of the person unfortunate enough to sit next to you!


We even got a good feed (although for the price tag I would’ve been pretty peeved without a meal!) and drinks were included too. Couple these 3 major flight wants with personal in flight entertainment systems with heaps of new movies and TV shows to keep you busy and you have a very happy flyer.


I’d happily book with AeroGal again – and I highly recommend using them if you’re having to the Galapagos, just make sure you book pretty early as flights book out quickly and there’s limited flight times to the Islands.


– Good routings

– Generous legroom

– In flight entertainment

– Good food


– Pricing on certain routings