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If you’ve paid any attention to my lovely countdown timers on the right of the page you’ll be aware that I’ve swopped the warm climates of the South West for a mini staycation at the girls place in Scotland!

I’m spending the next few days in Aberdeen – aka the granite city….aka the grey city as she so kindly points out!

Home Away from Home

I’m quite fond of Scotland already – I visited it for the first time over new year – and it reminds me of a rather more chilly version of home!

Heaps of rolling fields, forest and generally alot of outdoor space to kick around in, perfect!

So far I’ve sampled the delights of haggis, neeps, tatties and of course a good lashing of whiskey thrown in – when in rome!

Over the next few days beaches, BBQ’s and some surprisingly good weather are in order so I’m kicking back and relaxing – my schedules been so manic over the last few weeks training for my lifeguard swim assessment, surf coaching and of course sending people off on epic trips around the world through my main job at STA Travel!

Some downtime is definitely needed!

Hence my complete lack of organization on this weeks Saturday Showcase – Beverley from Pack Your Passport is filling the gap next week, so check her twitter and blog out in the meantime!

Have an epic weekend guys – I’ll be sending some highland treats your way on Monday!

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