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A Year at STA Travel…

After coming back from my year in Australia I returned home to a rubbish economy, missing the backpacker bubble and with no job.

I decided that instead of resigning myself to a menial job that would offer little in the way of stimulation and prospects I was going to turn my passions into money!

Luckily the opportunity soon arose to venture into the world of travel – and within a few weeks of being home I found myself sat in the office of STA Travel, Exeter – passing my stoke for backpacking to anyone who cared to listen!

That was a full year ago – and the last 365 days have helped shape the way I now look at travel, where I want to travel and what I want to get up too.

It’s been a double edge sword though, especially when paired up with my blogging, as I now strongly associate travel with work – so planing and going on an adventure is almost a bus mans holiday so to speak!

However it’s afforded me some brilliant experiences and saved me heaps of money and I’m sure that it’s going to open up some exciting new doors for me in the future. I’ve also met some great people along the way and had my eyes opened to parts of the world I’d never even considered traveling before.

This is only a short post – but one to encourage you to turn your travels into a way of funding future ones if you get the opportunity – at the very least it’ll allow you to vent all your travel excitement without boring your family and friends to death as you repeat your enthusiasm for Byron Bay for the millionth time, at it’s best it’ll send you all over the world without having to reach for your wallet!

Your travels should help boost your CV – not just leave a gap in your employment!

And if you’re already seeking a job in travel keep an eye on my blog – I’m working on a post about how working for STA has affected my perspective and approach to travel which will be well worth a read!

So one year down the line I’ve got a solid amount of savings behind me and I’m preparing to hit the road again.

In all honesty though I’m sad to say good bye to the STA Crew – and if I hadn’t been offered my dream job I’d have happily continued working for them, I had in fact planned to apply for a transfer to one of their other global offices, but Ecuador was too good a proposition to pass up!

Having a fun and relevant job has made the saving process heaps easier – don’t settle for the daily grind, the road to your travels should be the start of the excitement!