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A wander around Melbourne

Got back on the photography side of things today with a good old walk around Melb’ to take some nice architectural shots.

Actually started last night with a wander do the breakwater to watch the fairy penguins come in. There was a nice storm rolling in and combined with a sunset it created some rather good lighting and long exposures.

Today I wandered around the CBD, shopping malls, along the river and up to the Skytower.

I do rather like the vibe in Melbourne and I can kinda see why alot of my fellow travellers have got ‘trapped’ here. It’s very laid back, and has all the attractions of a large city but nestled amongst a beautiful coastline – but with house prices rising $70,000 in 3 years you better get in quick if you want to live here!

The suburbs are beautiful too…with a large Pom prescence in the coastal communities, a heavy arty based influence in places like St Kilda with its cosmopolitan cafes and hippy like night market.

Here's a couple of shot to enjoy :)