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A Taste of Hawaii

There is so much to Hawaii, and when planning your trip to this Pacific paradise, it may seem impossible to pick just one island to visit. Thankfully, for travelers hoping to experience a bit of Aloha across each of them, hopping between the islands has never been easier. Hawaii vacations can come in many different styles–from the relaxing, beach-focused trip, to the adrenaline-pumping, once-in-a-lifetime thrill fix–and you can use every island to try them all out! Try something completely new and adventurous on Maui while reserving your chaise lounge appointments for the Big Island, all before popping over to Oahu for the buzzing nightlife! Here are a few suggestions for three of the larger islands that will help you experience both ends of the Hawaii vacation spectrum!

Maui–The Garden Isle

If you’ve made it to Maui hoping to stretch out your wild side, renting a bike and making your way to the top of the volcano that gave Maui its shape is one way to do so. As you’re ripping down the face of this massive volcano, you’ll have your appetite for speed satisfied amidst the beautifully contrasted backdrops of rich green forest and arid rock faces.

Conversely, grabbing your towel and heading to Napili Bay for some time in the sun and aquatic fun will always yield a splendid afternoon. Grab yourself some sandwiches and enjoy the peerless natural beauty that surrounds you.

Oahu–The Gathering Place

You’ve noticed the awe-inspiring presence of Diamond Head Crater looming over Waikiki and Honolulu. Now it’s time to take a nice, relaxing hike to the top for a beautiful view of the sun setting on the capital. This trek isn’t strenuous, but the sights are certainly breathtaking.

Once you’ve taken a deep breath and a good night’s rest, head on up to North Shore to watch the surfers. This break is one of the most famous in the world, and the size of the waves tempts only the best of the best. You won’t see better surfing anywhere else!

Hawaii–The Big Island

You can’t visit the Big Island without going for a zipline adventure. There are several companies that operate zip lines that are guaranteed to thrill any and all. Be on the lookout for colorful plants and birds as you fly through the canopy of the Hawaiian jungle!

A whole other world exists beneath the waves, and when visiting The Big Island, portals for viewing this amazing ecosystem exist all over. A favorite snorkel spot of locals is Two Steps in Honaunau Bay, where reefs and rock formations have been taken over by every imaginable sea creature. Get your mask and flippers on, and make your way into the water for a very Hawaiian experience!