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A New Year and Some New UK Activities

If you’re dreading the post Christmas and New Year slump in January then going away for a few days could well give you the little lift that you need. Even better, if you spend your holiday in the UK then it’ll be cheaper, easier and more convenient. You just have to pack your bags and go. There’s very little organising to do, and booking your hotel is so easy if you’re staying in Britain.
Visiting a new city

Britain has a fantastic city culture, with tons of vibrant and exciting cities to visit. Even if you’ve travelled within the UK in the past you’re unlikely to have visited them all. Whether it’s historic York, stunning Lancaster or Salisbury with its iconic cathedral there are tons of places to choose, and they’re not all obvious ones.

One of the fantastic things about travelling within the UK is that you never have to go too far. It’ll usually only take a few hours regardless of where you’re going, and even in the middle of the city it won’t take long to get out into the countryside.

Some cities that definitely require a visit include Llandudno, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Glasgow. All of which offer a rich culture, fascinating history and plenty of opportunities for sightseeing too.

Countryside attractions

If you prefer to get out and about in rural areas then there are plenty of attractions there too. Whether you enjoy the great outdoors or just want to do some sightseeing then the British countryside is ideal. There are many places where you can combine a love of walking with visiting a few tourist attractions. The lake district for example offers stunning scenery along with many places of interest to visit. Why not be transported back to your childhood at the Beatrix Potter museum in Bowness, or take a trip on an Ullswater steamer?

If you’d prefer a more Southerly destination then why not visit Cornwall? There are plenty of gorgeous coastal walks, cream teas to be enjoyed and much more. Why not visit an historic tin mine, or the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle – the world’s largest collection.

Hidden gems you might not have seen before

If you’re looking for a break that’s well and truly of the beaten path then there are tons of fantastic tourist attractions to visit across the UK that you’ve probably never even heard of. You’ll even find little known attractions in the UK’s biggest cities. Manchester for example has the John Rylands, library with stunning architecture, or the Museum of Science and Industry for a great family friendly day out. Alternatively you’ll find Warner Brother’s studios in London with the World of Harry Potter tour, or you can visit the Horniman Museum and Gardens for a lovely walk in beautiful surroundings.

There are stunning tourist destinations across the UK, it’s all about doing your research. Just decide whereabouts you want to go and there’s sure to be a gem nearby to visit. Plus the choice of hotels in the UK is fantastic, so you can really enjoy a luxury break. The perfect way to offset those January blues, and give you something to look forward to once the Christmas rush is over.

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