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A few days at Bondi

Bondi Beach in my opinion is rather over rated.

But that didn’t really matter to me because after a few days inland I simply wanted to wake up and be either overlooking the surf or a short distance from the sea!

So after our Sidebar meal we headed over to Bondi (which again was rather easy to find….hmmm….me thinks I’ve spent far too much time in Sidders!).

It was relatively easy to find a free parking space – although it was a little bit of a walk to the beach, but that didn’t really matter, we just wanted to get out of the van at that point!

So bed made and all parked up we headed into the town for a few beers and to meet Kats friends who were staying in Noahs Hostel.

We had a few bevvies with Leon and Keane and heading back to our new abode :)

The next day I decided we needed somewhere a bit better to park up as we were staying a few days, so after alot of driving (jeez Bondi is full of parking meters!) we found a free spot in a residential street a block or so from the beach front.

However the weather was shocking…muchos rain!

So after a wet walk to Noahs we met up with Leon and Keane, grab a few boxes of goon and let an epic game of ring of fire commence!

…but we were all feeling it the next morning!

Fortunately the surf was pretty good (even though the weather still wasn’t!) so a quick session washed away the haze of last night. Wasn’t an amazing surf though. Bondi is a rather heavy wave and the shore break makes it pretty difficult to get out back, couple this with a strong rip current and it could easily end up with you being on the next episode of Bondi Rescue!

Monday and the plan was to go see Avatar on the biggest IMAX screen in the world at Darling Harbour….however the $30 admission price soon put stop to that!hahaha!

So we spent the day moseying around Sydney in the sunshine (yes the sun made an appearance!) and popped into see Sara and Georgie for a brew.

Inevitably the day turned into a session in the pub and another Sidebar meal, where we were joined by Alice (@alice_walkabout) for a beefy steak :)

Another quick few drinks with Georgie and Sara and we headed back to Bondi to start packing….