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5 Reasons Travel Blogging Sucks

5 Reasons Travel Blogging Sucks
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It’s Not All Fun And Games!

Do you think being a travel bloggers is all roses and fairy dust, a lush lifestyle traveling the world and being able to fund it through your online musings whilst skipping down the beach with a big wad of cash in your hand?!

To be honest the image a lot of travel bloggers project is one of beautiful beaches, care free living and a life of amazing adventures – which to a degree is pretty true.

But what we rarely tell you guys is the flip side to our lifestyle choice, because like every other job in the world there’s things that totally suck!

So here’s 5 reasons why being a blogger sucks…


1) A Life Ruled By Wifi

Wifi is the bane of my life as a blogger. It’s literally the first thing I try to locate on arriving somewhere new and will make or break my stay at a hostel! It’s like a freaking drug!

In fact I’ve had more than one half mental breakdown due to shit internet on the road, it’s especially infuriating when it’s somewhere I really want to base myself for a good stretch of time!

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Partying Hard With Asia Surf’s Rich – But Our Phones Are Never Far Away!

Some people I travel with criticize my internet depedancy when they travel with me – but hey…I’m at work here dammit! I wish I could take a bit more time out from it, but unfortunately I do rather like having an income!


2) Tied To Social Media

With running a blog comes constant self promotion and you need a good online presence…which means social media – which is a total head fuck sometimes! Maximum exposure means pinning, tweeting, instagramming, status updating, google plussing and god knows what else to get your name, blog and work out there to the masses. I’ve point blank refused to get involved in some of it though because I really can’t be bothered to deal with it all!

It’s a necessary evil for most bloggers though…


3) It’s ALOT Of Work

Yup it may come as a shock to a lot of people but travel bloggers work – and work bloody hard! Whether it’s replying to emails, sending out invoices, pitching to travel reps or writing posts work is never far from my train of thought.

The only upside to this is the fact I can choose my office – but just because I’m by the pool or swinging in a hammock doesn’t mean I’m not putting in the time to work! In fact I probably work 40+ hours a week all in.

After all I’m self employed, I deal with marketing, writing, editing, photographing, web development…bloggers are like a one man company!

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It’s A Nice Office – But It Does Mask The Workload!


4) Little Reward (To Begin With Anyway!)

It may also come as a shock that this lifestyle doesn’t just land on your lap – hardly any one hits the ground running with blogging unless you’re lucky enough to have heaps of contacts from the off. It takes time and effort to reap the rewards. When I started blogging I didn’t see any really gain for a good year.

And even though the site is well established now it’s hardly a solid income stream and I’m still living month by month…


5) We’re Expected To Be The Perfect Travellers

When I tell people what I do for a living they literally expect me to be a travel guru. Apparently travel bloggers aren’t allowed to make any mistakes whilst on the road. Well I’ve got news for you – we’re all in the same boat! Sure I may have ironed out some rookie mistakes and I have a bit more knowledge than the average backpacker but that doesn’t mean I bounce around without my share of mishaps! This month I totally cocked up booking a bus and the people I were travelling didn’t let me live it down for a good few days. Geez guys give me a break!

You only need to look at the unfortunate antics of Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps to realise bloggers have their fair share of bad luck on the road!


But despite the downsides I wouldn’t change what I have at the moment for anything. I’m my own boss, I work when and where I want and I can now enjoy the amazing experiences that work has afforded me – if it was that easy everyone would be doing it so I know I need to put in the graft to reap the benefits. 

…but it’s not just shits and giggles in the sun all the time!


Do you run a travel blog? Anything you’d add to the list?!


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