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30 More Ideas For My Travel Bucket List

I first published my bucket list late last year and as with all things travel it’s snowballed since I’ve been back on the road backpacking again!

I’ve added a few things here and there, some that I hadn’t considered putting on the list until I actually booked to do them and some on the recommendation of backpacking buddies.

This year has also seen me tick quite a few items off the list too, like working as a surf instructor, hiking the inca trail, visiting somewhere landlocked (in fact I’ve done that twice this year now with Laos and Switzerland!) and going tubing in Vang Vieng!

So I thought it was about time to do a large post update to my bucket list. I’ve added them to the original list but I thought I’d give them their own blog post too! Some I’ve already ticked off and some are now firmly on the to do list!


60) Sail in the Galapagos Islands – DONE, and here are some of my top shots!

61) Ski in the Alps – I’ve snowboarded now, skiing is in the pipeline!

62) Gorge on Swiss chocolate – DONE, uggggh I felt sick!

63) Find an island paradise – DONE, Koh Rong in Cambodia was AMAZING!

64) Book a spontaneous trip – DONE, I randomly decided to head to Switzerland!

65) Travel properly with my brother

66) Hike on a glacier

67) Inspire one of my buddies to book a RTW trip – nearly done, she’s planning it now!

68) Travel only on hand luggage for half a year

69) Get in a travel blog press trip

70) Cruise around Halong Bay on a junk boat

71) Surf in Vietnam

72) Learn a new language – nearly done – I failed at Spanish but I’m now trying German!

73) Become a dive master (despite bailing out this year I still want to complete it!)

74) Go paragliding – DONE! I got round to doing it this weekend, I’ll write about it soon!

75) Make a mini surf movie

76) Take a trip in a helicopter

77) Force myself to bungee jump (despite being terrified of heights!)

78) Experience a hop on, hop off bus

79) Dive the Liberty Wreck in Bali

80) Road trip the Cali coast

81) Learn to snowboard properly – I did some lessons this weekend, but I still have a way to go!

82) Camp in the outback

83) Visit Bocaray Beach, Philipines (I’ve been inspired by Breakaway Backpacker and Never Ending Footsteps and their amazing pictures!)

84) Sell all my stuff and go completely nomadic!

85) Do 12 countries in 12 months

86) White water raft the Grand Canyon

87) Explore Hawaii

88) Visit the Pyramids in Egypt

89) Eat steak and drink wine in Argentina

90) Chill out in Costa Rica


Any of you guys already done some of the above? Anything more I should add?! 

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