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Get Involved In My 2015 Reader Survey And Win Some Sunnies!

Send me some feedback about the blog to help make it bigger and better – win some Be Shades sunglasses in the process too!

I’m stoked with how much Backpacker Banter has grown over the last 4 years – my little slice of the internet now has over 45,000 readers per month and has spiralled into a crazy adventure that has taken me all over the world!

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Fill Out The Survey And You Could Win Some Sunnies!

At the end of the day though the success of it is all down to you guys – my readers. So each year I do a reader survey to figure out what’s working, what’s not and what direction to take, because if you guys aren’t happy with what I’m writing then there’s no point me doing it!haha!

So I’ve put together my 2015 reader survey which asks a few questions about what you like, what you don’t and a few things in between too – with the aim (as in my past surveys) to give me a better insight into what you guys want from me.

Once I’ve read through all your input I’ll be putting together another post on what I’m doing to implement it all!

As an added bonus I’m teaming up with my buddies at Be Shades Sunglasses and giving away 5 pairs of sunnies – the winners will be randomly drawn from everyone that gets involved.

Thanks in advance for all your feedback guys – stoked to see what you guys have to say about the site and what I’m doing – be honest (even if it’s brutally so!) and I’ll d my best to make the site bigger, better and more useful for you all!

It’s open until the end of the month so get stuck in!

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