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top travel blogs to follow in 2015 blogger

My Top 10 Travel Bloggers To Follow In 2015

With so many travel blogs out there how do you pick who to check out? Well here’s a run down of 10 travel bloggers I recommend following in 2015.

With 2015 already underway hopefully you’re planning some awesome adventures for the year and getting your hit of wanderlust and ideas via my blog, Facebook and Instagram feeds, but there are also heaps of other travel bloggers out there – covering all kinds of adventures and countries.

But in the wide world of the internet it can be difficult to figure out some fresh new faces to follow, so how do you find them?!

I thought I’d help you out a bit so here’s my top 10 travel bloggers to follow in 2015…in no particular order might I add!


trish ps i'm on my way travel blog 2015 blogger

1) PS I’m On My Way – Trisha is from the Philippines (which is how I stumbled across her blog as I’m out there at the moment!) although she’s currently travelling around South America and if you’re heading that way she has some great advice and stories. She’s not bad with a camera either!

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caz craig makepeace ytravel blog 2015 top travel blogger

2) Y Travel Blog – always a firm favourite of mine Caz and Craig have one of Australias top blogs…in fact it’s probably one of the worlds most popular too! They’ve been on the road for years, with 2 kids in tow and share everything from how they make money and how to homeschool on the road through to their best beaches in Australia and even getting invited to the White House!

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lauren the wandering orange blog 2015 top travel blogger

3) The Wandering Orange  – I only recently discovered this blog but Im already hooked! Lauren shares her travels in a really unique way – by using her artistic talents and creating mini comic strips about her journey! Be careful though, you’ll get sucked into her site for hours!

Facebook   Instagram


alicia drewnicki alicia explores blog 2015 top travel blogger

4) Alicia Exploresthe lovely Alicia recently launched her new blog (I got dragged into helping out with sounds clips and beta testing!haha!) and shares a mixture of travel, romance and the unusual. She’s a TV presenter by trade so expect loads of awesome travel videos and guides too. Having just returned from a trip to Japan I’m stoked to see what the rest of 2015 holds for her.

Facebook   Instagram

matt gibson pat matt blog 2015 top travel blogger

5) Xpat Matt – Matts site is crammed full of awesome travel interviews, photo essays, travel hacks and tips – seriously there’s heaps of stuff to get lost in on this site so don’t click on it unless you’re prepared to loose a couple of hours!

Facebook   Instagram


macca brianna brit and a broad blog 2015 top travel blogger

6) A Brit And A Broad – this video blog by Macca and Brianna (alongside their director of photography Brian) is packed full of beautiful videos, images and all round travel goodness – in fact I think its probably one of the bits curated blogs out there at the moment *high five guys*. They cover all sorts of stuff too, from food to diving and even tips on how to blog yourself. Definitely one of my favourites!



beck enright borders of adventure blog 2015 top travel blogger

7) Borders Of Adventure – formally know as Backpacker Becki, Miss Enright has just relaunched her blog and it looks rather swish…I’m a bit jealous! She bounces all over the place and gets really off the beaten track (although for me that means anywhere away from the beach!) so there’s some great alternative travel ideas in there and some sound advice too. She’s moving to Greece in the coming months so expect heap of Euro goodness.

Facebook   Instagram


jaime breakaway backpacker blog 2015 top travel blogger

8) Breakaway Backpacker – I’m pretty sure this blog has made my top 10 for the last 3 years running. Jaime is a freaking legend! He chats about hand jobs on buses, underground sex clubs in Germany and is basically has no taboos in his travel blog – so be careful reading it at work! I was super excited when I heard he was heading off on his latest trip at the beginning of the year and he’s got some epic plans for South America over 2015 so he’s definitely on to follow!

Facebook   Instagram

open world magazine travel blog 2015 top travel blogger

9) Open World Mag – ok so I’ve slightly cheated with number 9 as it’s more of an online travel mag than a traditional travel blog! Still it’s a solid read and there’s lots of intriguing interview and lifestyle advice to trawl through. I’ve no doubt that it will lead to you finding even more epic travel blogs to follows too…although I may have a slight bias as I’ve ben featured on there a few times!


the inertia surf lifestyle blog 2015 top travel blogger

10) – The Inertia – This is easily the blog that I read the most of and shock horror yes it’s a surf blog! In fact it’s bigger than a surf blog, it’s THE surf blog! Basically a communal blog where surfers, writer and photographers from all around the globe can share stories, art and images from surfing and the world at large. If you’re into surfing you’ll love it. If you’re not into surfing it’s still worth checking out!

Facebook   Instagram


Any blogs you’d add to the list – share them in the comments!

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