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10 Stunning Portraits Of The World

The world is full of incredible people from a huge range of backgrounds, countries and cultures. Photographer Zach Murphy shares some of his favourite portraits

I’ve met some incredible characters on my travels and for me people really do make or break your experience in a destination.

From crazy restaurant owners to street stall sellers, the world is packed full of incredible people to meet and chat with.

So when photographer Zach Murphy asked if I’d like to share some of his favourite portraits from around the world I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show you some of the awesome people you can meet on your adventures!

Over to Zach…


Faces Of Places

As I have traveled the world, there always seems to be one consistency, the people. Culture, geography, government, and religion all form who we become as individuals, but you can always relate to the people of the world to some degree.

We all have eyes and ears, thoughts and emotions. We eat different foods, wear different clothing, speak different languages, yet we can always communicate with a friendly smile and wave, or the embrace of a handshake or hug.

In an attempt to make the world a little smaller and a little bit more friendly, it has become my undertaking to photograph the people of the world.

To share their customs and the places they live, yet reveal the humanity we all share. Faces of Places is about celebrating our differences and connecting the world we live in. Below are a few of the people with whom I have shared a moment of time.

ROHANA – Bangalore, India

India is one of the most colorful cultures I have experienced. Here Rohana is dressed for a friends wedding in one of her best Sari’s and donned with beautiful jewelry.

ISABEL – Apolo, Bolivia

In the foothills of the Ande Mountains, Isabel sits outside one of her families shops in a little town of less than 1,000 people.



JAMES – Kameza, Malawi

African men are some of the hardest working people I have met. James spends all day out in the hot African sun working on fields that barely receive any water in the dry season.



DORIS – Quito, Ecuador

The markets of Ecuadors capital city are filled with colorful garments worn by locals and tourists alike.



SONISAY – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Just a few kilometers form Cambodia’s iconic Angkor Wat, this female monk lives in a house on stilts to avoid the floods of the rainy season.



PRASERT – Mae Ai, Thailand

So many stories are recorded in the symmetrical tattoos that cover Praiser’s body.



AISYAH – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To be Malay is to be Muslim, and to be muslim women must cover up. But the doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Aisyah is modeling the newest fashions and patterns of the female head coverings, hijabs.



CHIAN BON – Wu Tai, China

Chiang Bon makes a holy pilgrimage to one of eastern China’s most holy mountains, Wu Tai. The valley is filled with many ancient and modern monasteries with steep stairways leading pilgrims to holy shrines.



MANI – Urumqi, China

The Uyghur market in Urumqi is filled with all sorts of animal skins, spices, and dried fruits. Mani wanders the market trying to pawn is antique camera equipment.



DIPAK – Kathmandu, Nepal

Dip is celebrating becoming a man on a mountain top Hindu temple overlooking Kathmandu Valley.


About The Photographer

Zach Murphy is a travel photographer whose philosophy is to never stay in one place too long. He founded the Faces of Places Project with an aim to share the people and landscapes of the world that make each country so unique. He recently published his first photography book and is well on his way to publishing the second edition of Faces of Places.

Follow his blog and purchase his book at www.facesofplacesproject.com

Facebook: /facesofplaces

Instagram: @faces.of.places

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