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10 Perfect Xmas Gift Ideas For Travellers

Travellers can hard to buy for and with xmas coming soon you might be struggling for ideas – but here’s some items I recommend every traveller takes with them!

Travellers and backpackers are notoriously hard to buy for – space is at a premium and they usually have most of the things they need already!

But with xmas fast approaching there are some nifty items I recommend people take on their travels that you can buy for anyone heading out on an adventure…short or long!

Admittedly some of them are a bit boring, but all of them are heaps useful and they’ll certainly thank you in the long run and get a lot of use out of them!

So if you know anyone hitting the road soon and you’re struggling for a gift to get them check out the 10 items below – the perfect gift ideas for travellers…I should know, I use them all personally!

And ok I know there’s 15 on the list, but 10 sounded so much better for the post title!haha!

surf adventure south africa ttride ticket to ride instructor course (1 of 39)
Lots of Love For The GoPro On My Travels!



I’ve been using GoPro cameras for a number of years and its helped me capture some incredible moments on the road. They’re durable, waterproof to 40m and there’s a whole heap of add on you can buy to capture some really unique shots…or simply mount it on a pole for a selfie!

I’m now shooting with the GoPro Hero 4 Silver which has an inbuilt screen and in my opinion is the best GoPro option for anyone hitting the road.

It’s not the cheapest gift but if you’re looking for a bigger present for any traveller I can guarantee they’ll be stoked with it!

Click Here To Buy!


2.iPad Mini

Again not a cheap secret santa present but the iPad mini is a solid idea for any backpacker. They can load it up with haps of apps to make their life on the road easier. Facebook, Skype and email to keep in touch, Touchtone to quickly send custom postcards home, XE for converting currency on the go and even Trail Wallet to keep an eye on their budget. For me it’s the ultimate piece of travel technology…apart form my Mac and iPhone of course!

Click Here To Buy


3. Universal Travel Plug Adaptor

The old ones are the good ones hey?! This will probably be on every xmas guide for travellers list. It’s not the most exciting option but they’ll sure get a lot of use out of it! I suggest getting an all in one option which covers multiple countries…saves a lot of space!

Click Here To Buy


4. Extension Lead

Now this one might seem like a weird one…but trust me! For the last few months I’ve added this amazing bendy extension lead to my backpack. Why? Because it means I only have to carry one travel adaptor and can still charge multiple items at the same time as all my UK plugs fit right in!

Not only will it make your travelling friends life easier, I bet they’ll make a few new buddies on the road because of it too!

Click Here To Buy!


5. Solar Charger

With camera, phones and what not in most backpackers kit list these days charging stuff on the road can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you go off the beaten track. A simply and cheap solar charger can easily boost the juice on your phone or camera on the go – an easy and sustainble gift that will help them make the most of every photo opportunity!

Click Here To Buy


6. External Hard Drive

For me my external hard drive is one of my most used pieces of kit. In fact I have 3 of them with me! Not only does it allow you to back up all your photos, but it’s also great to fill full of movies to keep you entertained on the road on the odd rainy day or even long haul bus journey. This 1TB option is slimline and more than enough space for even the most snap happy traveller!

Click Here To Buy

backpacker travel budget indonesia bali
…less than £100 worth!


7. Some Foreign Currency

Nothing gets a traveller more stoked than the smell of crisp, foreign bank notes! If you know where they’re heading this is a great alternative to simply giving them normal money and I’m sure it’ll make some greta coversation starters when you’re sat around the living room stuffed full of roast dinner and chocolate!


8. Packing Cubes

I’ve only recently discovered the joy of packing cubes but I’m totally converted! They’ve made my bag heaps more organised and it definately makes life on the road easier! A good mixed varierty fo medium, large and small ones will hep them get everything in order!

Click Here To Buy


9. Dry Bag

A few years ago in Thailand I bought a small dry bag. It was simply to use during my dive course and I thought I’d sell it on after or give it away. 4 years later and it’s still one of the most useful things in my backpack!

Not only can you use it to keep everything safe and dry on the beah, boat or day trip but you can also use it to keep everything in your main bag dry and stuff it full of any boardies or towels which are a bit wet when you need to pack up and head to your next destination!

Click To Buy


lifeproof iphone 5S ipad nuud case review (5 of 8)
LifeProof – Does What It Says On The Tin!

10. LifeProof Case

If you know someone travellign with an iPhone, Andorid Phone or iPad then investing in a LifeProof case is something they’ll appreciate heaps! They basically make some of your most prized tech waterproof and shock proof, since having my iPhone encased in one I’ve been able to shoot pics with it in places I’d never take it in a million years before! Check out my full LifeProof review too.

Click To Buy


12.  A Guide Book, Or Two!

I’m not a huge fan of guide books overall but they still make great gifts for many travellers! What I do like though are things like the Lonley Planet “Best Of 2015” guides which showcase some of the tops destinations and experiences you can have next year…a welcome alternative to the normal guide book stuff!

Click To Buy


be shades interchangeable sunglasses uk-3
Be Shade Goodness!

13. Some Sunnies

No doubt the traveller your buying for will be heading somewhere pretty sunny at some point, because no one wants to go on holiday where it’s raining hey?! If that’s the case then head over to my buddies at Be Shades and get them some awesome interchangeable sunglasses to take with them…just don’t forget to use the promo code BPB20 and get 20% off! My personal favourites are the Smokey And The Bandits set!

Click To Buy


14. Head Torch

Another favourite of any travel xmas gift list but yet another firm favourite of mine! Having a lightweight, bright head torch in my bag has been a god send on numerous occasions, from power cuts in Ecuador to simply hunting around a dark dorm room trying to locate a bottle opener. My personal recommendation is  the Petzl Tikka XP – small and super bright!

Click To Buy


15. The Gift Of Travel!

If they’re going travelling why not buy them a cool experience? Whether they’ve always wanted to learn to dive on Koh Tao, do a day trip on the Great Barrier Reef or even take some Spanish lessons – travel gift vouchers are always a solid idea and super thoughful too!

Click Here To Buy

Looking for gift ideas for the nomadic girl in your life?

Check out the ultimate gift guide for female travellers here.


Just a quick heads up – the ‘Click To Buy’ link do earn me a bit of commission, it helps support the site. However all the items on the list are things I personally recommend!


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