I touched briefly on what my travels to Morocco entail for the next couple of month before I arrived here in December, but I though I’d give you a bit more of an in depth update as it’s where I shall be based until mid March now.

Basically after a few months bouncing around the place I decided I needed to sit tight for a while, scrape together some more funds and give myself some time to plan my next set of adventures.

But not wanting to return to the UK or go back into a “proper job” I managed to land myself another stint surf coaching – so my office is now a sunny beach in northern Africa – in the Moroccan surf town of Taghazout.


3 Months of Sun, Sea and Surf

surf instructor course morocco

My Students For The Next 3 Months

This time around though I’m not just teaching the basics of surfing week in week out, I’ve been put in charge of the Surf Berbere 12 Week Instructor Course, the bottom line of which is taking people with little or no surf experience right through to qualified instructors!

Sounds a of a challenge, but with the amount of time they will spend in the surf over the next 3 months is plenty enough to get to an intermediate level and master the skills needed to teach a beginner lesson.

My aim from a surf coaching point of view is to get everyone up to speed as soon as I can – out back, catching green waves. This basically means I get to spend more time in the lineup with everyone surfing! I’m already 2 weeks into the course and stoked to say everyone is doing heaps good and most of them are now in the lineup out back, happy days!


Getting Involved In Local Life

It’s not just surf lesson that I’m getting my students stuck into, the course is also aimed to get them involved in the local community and give them a better understanding of responsible travel and the tourist industry.

surf coaching course morocco

One of my Students

One of the main parts of this is the English lessons they’re giving at the town commune and local school, covering all ages and abilities from primary school students through to older member of the community who want to brush up on their skills or get a basic grasp of the language.

Getting involved in these lessons has been a great eye opener for me, and is something I’m going to write about later this month.

It’s a voluntary lesson that the locals are attending so everyone is heaps enthusiastic to learn!

Throughout the course they’re also working with the local council to organise things like beach clean ups, surf competitions and also take the local school kids on some excursions around the country – a good bit of karma all round!

I’ve also organised French lessons for the duration of the course too – I’ve learnt from my travels that a bit of local language always goes down well and can make life alot easier too, as well as stealing some techniques to use in their own lessons.

Personally though I’m sitting out of the French lessons – I’m struggling enough with learning German so I don’t want to confuse myself even further!


March and Onwards

surfing taghazout morocco

Another Hard Day in the Office!

So that’s the plan for the next few months, get 12 guys and girls from around the globe up and riding, get them involved in the awesome Moroccan culture they’re surrounded by, teach them to be responsible travellers and set them up for a life living the dream and earning their dollar with sunny days on the beach!

I’m pretty stoked to be passing on all the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt on my own travels face to face and combining that with surf is my perfect job all round!

In the meantime I’ve got some of my buddies and my little bro from home heading out to join me for some waves which I’m super excited about having not seen them for nearly a year.

After I’m finished up here at the end of March I’m bouncing back to Switzerland for a few days of snowboarding (hopefully) before heading out on my next adventure and first new country of 2013…New Zealand! Stoked as.

But before that I shall be topping up my tan and catching as many waves as I can – it’s so good to be back in the ocean riding waves!


If spending 12 weeks in the Moroccan sunshine catching waves and becoming a surf instructor sounds like the ideal start to a gap year or career change to you hit up Surf Berbere for more details on the next 12 week course – contact@surfberbere.com


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13 Responses

  1. Kathryn

    this sounds so awesome! everything from a job anyone back home would envy, to passing along good vibes by doing good deeds. little things in the world are big things.

    • Chris

      enjoying it loads, and yes alot of my buddies at home are pretty peeved by it all!hahaha! I’m quite enjoying the volunteering side of things too, not something Ive dabbled in before but it’s very rewarding :)

    • Chris

      really?! morocco is heaps good for surfing, just check out my photo post from Anchor Point last week!

  2. Somewhere Salty

    Hi Chris.

    Thanks for a great read. I also saw a video of probably one of your students (Adam Gairns?). Looks so much fun!

    I’m thinking of going for this one in September. Now figuring out the funds. Do you know if they give any kind of discounts? It would really help.

    Do you know I found this course after I was looking for zero to hero courses on the internet? you were advising to get one done in that interview you gave (which I can’t remember where!). So lots of credits to you here :) Thanks a lot. I’ll link you when I write about this.

    Very excited!


    • Chris

      Glad I could be of help Ni, I loved Adams video of the trip too :)

      You should hit up the Sept course, unfortunately I’m not coaching it this year due to travel commitments! Chuck me an email and I’ll see if I can sort you out a discount!

  3. Daniel

    I love your blog man and I am thinking of following a 3 month instructor course. There don’t seem to be a lot of reviews around. Do you think they are worth for someone who is 30? I’m a level 3 surfer at the moment. I have more skills to offer surf schools as I am an online marketer. I’m willing to learn and I am very passionate about surfing. (Except for surfing in cold surfspots.)



    • Chris

      hey Dan – it depends very much on what you’re looking for from an instructor course and where your skills currently fall.
      I’ve just pinged you an email with more information, hopefully it’ll help your decision!


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