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Wave Rock

After an early morning swim at Cottesloe we headed back to Freemantle to post muchos letters and postcards and pay a visit to the didgeridoo shop.

After not much debate I spotted a lush Eucalyptus didge. After a bit of haggling and $200 later it was mine, including a hand stitched bag :) Something to keep me busy and entertained for the roadtrip and indeed the next 12months!

After meeting back up with the girls at Scarborough beach and transferring my stuff back into ‘WAGS’ (the compromise from the initial ‘Sparkly Wagon Wheels of Love’!) we all headed up the coast to visit the Pinnacles, another natural landmark.

The road was loooooooong, and I’m impressed how nippy the campervan is *cough 150km p/h cough* woops! Heading over the brow of a hill was rather depressing though, presented with 20km of dead straight, heat shimmering road everytime!

We arrived at the Pinnacles just before sunset. The light was perfect for shooting so me and Kty Lou got our photography on!

Now i wasnt sure what I was expecting of this place. A few tall rock formations perhaps. What we were presented with was a 4km drive around a staggering amount of rock formations in all shapes and sizes. It was impressive to say the least, all be it slightly eerie.

The photo above this blog is one of my faves from an arty point of view, however it doesnt really tell the whole story of how vast the fields of these rocks is – you’ll have to bug me for a facebook album link if you want them :P

After doing the inevitable tourist pose on a rock thing we headed to our campsite for the night down by the beach – one bay along from Hangover Bay.

Spent the night with the girls watching the sunset on the dunes, playing my didge, drinking ice cold Tooheys Extra Dry and having muchos amusing banter, perfect end to a good day of driving and sightseeing.