uluwatu monkey temple bali indonesia

Uluwatu Monkey Temple

Despite largely being a surf trip my travel time in Indonesia so far has also been peppered with some excursions – from visiting the amazing surf spot of Ulutwatu (even if you don’t surf it’s worth a visit to witness the epic waves and the cliff top is a perfect point for an amazing sunset) and the beautiful Gili T – and don’t worry there’s a few more adventures to come before I bounce back into mainland south east asia!

One of the most photo worthy places I’ve visited so far has to be the Uluwatu Monkey Temple – which sits along a dramatic cliff top, with the stretching blue ocean and pounding waves below.

The temple itself is home to a host of monkeys (massive surprise there given the name hey?!) which are experts at stealing sunglasses and flip flops before bartering them back for food!

For me though the view is the main draw – how could this panorama not inspire you to explore Indonesia?


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