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surfing in byron bay gopro

Travel Photo Of The Week – Surfing in Byron Bay

surfing in byron bay gopro
A Perfect Arvo

There are few things in this world that make me smile more than surfing – but the pinnacle of every surfers dream session is a beautiful sunset surf in warm water, rocking just boardies (and a tshirt for sun protection!).

I’ve backpacked around the world with a board in tow for a while now and the one place that has produced the most amazing sessions for me has to be Byron Bay – it’s my favourite backpacker surf spot by a long way! There’s just something about that place that just relaxes you, makes life seem epic and generally put you in a great mood.

This shot was taken on the first day I arrived back in the Bay this month. I’d just got off a 16 hour bus journey from Sydney (the bus broke down 45mins from Byron!) and promptly waxed up my board and jumped in the ocean for the rest of the day! As the sun set and the buskers in the car park filled the air with bongos and didgeridoos I cruised on my longboard with a massive smile on my face.

As the saying goes – only a surfer knows the feeling.


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