monkey temple forest ubud bali indonesia

You Don’t Want To Mess With That Bad Boy!

Well I’m heading back to Asia this week so I started having a look through my past adventures there to give me some inspiration for the upcoming one. I also find looking through pics helps gear my mindset up for travel and get into the vibe of a place – for instance my Aussie shots get me pumped for surfing and my Thai shots help me deal with the sudden influx of organised chaos!

One of my stand out shots from my last trip around Asia was this one from the monkey temple in Ubud, Bali – I’d like to say this was a carefully composed and timed shot capturing an angry monkey with his lunch time snack but to be honest it was one of the many happy coincidences I’ve experienced behind a camera!

Still I’m stoked with it!

Anyone else had any awesome coincidences shooting wildlife around the world?


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    • Chris

      Indeed I am Amber – bouncing over the first week of Dec with Stephen from a Backpackers Tale – Bintang?!


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