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Sunrise At Angkor Wat – An Alternative View!

It doesn’t take a long trawl of the internet or travel blogs to find more than a heap of images of an Angkor Wat sunrise – it’s one of the must do travel bucket list items for South East Asia. These beautiful images are a picture of tranquility as a new dawn encompasses the old, stone ruins of this magnificent temple complex.

But what you might not be able to find so many images of is an alternative view, or more importantly the chaos that goes on in the background behind these amazing images!

The hove shot is taken from the foot of the entrance – looking back across the pond which is used so artistically for reflective shots – of the crowds that now gather each dawn to fill their memory cards with iconic photos. It’s not a barge people out of the way kind of affair, but it’s definitely not the quiet, peaceful, reflective experience you might expect when you arrive at 6am…and this wasn’t even high season!

My words of advice, move around, get there early and bail into the temple before they all follow suit!


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