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Once again Top Ten Tuesday has been delayed. My bad. But for once this was a planned delay!
This morning I interviewed Matt – the lead singer of The Beautiful Girls – and as part of the interview I asked him to do a guest post top 10.
So this week is Top Ten Australian Indie Bands , according to TBG.

1. The Beautiful Girls (well you would plug yourself wouldn’t you!)

2. Washington (also support act for the TBG Tour)

3. Kingfisher

4. Kooii

5. Dead beat (on the TBG die!boredom label)

6. Tamiki Dub

7. The Fumes

8. The Goons of Doom

9. Vida Sunshyne

10. The Black Market Rhythm Company

So there you have it, some new, independent Aussie bands to check out and pass on. I’ll be trawling through iTunes later and adding some to my playlist for sure. Unfortunately I’ve not had time to link them up to YouTube or anything…sorry for that!
And be sure to check back later this week (or subscribe!) for the full interview with Matt.