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Top 10 Tuesday – iPhone Travel Apps

If you’ve read my previous bloggings about my iPhone you’ll already know that I think it’s the worlds best travel accessory.

And one of the things I bigged up about it was the fact you can download your choice of thousands of apps.

So in keeping with both points I bring you my Top 10 iPhone Travel Apps, and better still, all of them are FREE!

1 – Skype

By far the best way to keep in touch, free calls via wifi to any other Skype user. For maximum cheapness use McDonalds free wifi!

2 – Email

Not an app as such, a native one to the iPhone but still as useful. Get all your  emails pushed straight through to your phone. Perfect if your on the road  for a while.

3 – GPS

Again another native app – but whats more useful than GPS in your pocket? Perfect for finding your way home or even directions to the supermarket!

4 – Balance

A simple yet highly useful app. You type in the opening balance of your bank account, update it with notes when you make transactions, that way you always know how much (or little!) you have in your account

5 – Twitter

The first of my social networking apps. Perfect for quick updates and photo sharing

6 – Facebook

Who isn’t on facebook these days? It’s taken the place of phone numbers! Update status’s, reply on people walls, all with the speed of an app

7 – WordPress

Now you can blog straight from your phone too! Add new pages and posts, draft or publish. You can even upload photos too. Great for a quick update if you’re in a rush or not near a computer.

8 – Ping!

Much like SMS but via the internet and between iPhones, so it’s free :) simply set up a username and get chatting.

note: I downloaded Ping while it was free, it’s still a bargain at 59p though!

9 – Hostel Hero

A great little app. Contains thousands of hostel listings for various countries. You can download to browse offline, check reviews, look at pics and make bookings there and then! There’s also an in built bookings manager. You can’t get much more convenient than that!

10 – Calendar

Another native app, but a very under rated one. Colour code all your entries so you can quickly access things like hostel check ins, flights and trips.