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Stoked and Nervous!

It seems only yesterday that I was sat in Zurich airport with my stomach doing flips as I boarded my Easyjet flight.

It was the most nervous I’d been in a long while.

I was returning home after 18 months solidly bouncing around the globe.

It was a weird experience coming back to my house after all that time, the familiar faces and places allowing me to quickly slot back into where I left off it seemed.

But time has flown by – helped along with trips to Dublin, heaps of surfing in North Devon and basically a lot fo pretty time consuming work on the blog front!

And now I’m in limbo once again – flying out tomorrow of the UK once again to hit the backpacker bubble and feel the sun against my skin once again!

So how do I feel about that?


Virgin Backpacker

The thoughts in my head remind me of my first backpacking trip, full of anticipation, excitement and nerves.

It’s like I’m a virgin backpacker again!

To be honest though I quite like that feeling.

Towards the end of my time in Asia I was beginning to feel almost jaded by backpacking – I guess the endless bouncing around, my struggle with cash v comfort and the fact what had began as an adventure had become my ‘normal life’ was sending me towards a backpacker burnout and thatI wasn’t truly appreciating what I was doing.

Being home has helped me fully recharge, reset and put some fresh perspective on what I’ve achieved and most importantly what I now do for a job.


New Outlook

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Yup – This Is Definitely The Office I Prefer!

Seeing everyone back in the UK – friends, family and strangers – rush around in their 9-5 chaos has made me really appreciate the life I live in the backpacker bubble.

Here people work themselves into a big ball of stress, cash rich but very much time poor. 

Being a traveller is the flip side of that equation – we’re pretty cash poor, but very much rich in time.

And that, I’ve decided, is how I would rather live my life.

Fair enough I don’t have the structure, the security or the organisation – but I do have experience, adventure and relaxation.

And that is most definitely what I’d rather have.

This fresh take on the amazing position I now find myself in (and any traveller or backpacker does) has almost given me a new lease of life when it comes to travel.

I’m more determined than ever to take in everything I see but most importantly appreciate it all.

As a result I’m determined to fill my time with even more epic experiences and do more of what I want to do. If I want to jump on a last minute flight and go free diving in Mexico…well that’s what I’m going to do!


New Work Style

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Less Laptop – More Lazing!

A large proportion of this outlook can be attributed to my new working style. I’ve just finished reading “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss – a gift from my awesome second cousin Dean.

It’s already significantly improved my work flow, decision making and free time.

Like the Alchemist I encourage all of you to read it.

Have a pen and paper ready to take notes, highlight key points and most importantly DO WHAT IT SAYS!

I’ve installed software to stop me wasting time on Facebook,  I’m checking my emails twice a day TOPS (rather than every other minute) and I’m enforcing a strict work time frame on each day.

This has upped my creativity and productivity and created a heap of extra free time without encroaching on my income.

If I can keep this up I’ll be laughing – because I’ll have even more time to do what I do best…travel. 

And if I have more time to travel you can sure as hell bet that this blog will become even more full of chaos and advice!


Soft Launch

Despite my workload being streamlined and lightened my pre travel nerves are still there. I’m smiling and stoked to hit the road again as I know it’s what I want to do, but the nerves are still there.

einsiedeln switzerland iphoneography

First Stop – Switzerland

Little lightning bolts reminding me that although I’m quite blase about flying halfway around the world just for shits and giggles and because I can – it’s a pretty big decision!

So I’m pretty happy that my reintroduction into long travel has a ‘soft launch’ so to speak!

I’m jumping on a plane to Switzerland tomorrow to go spend a week with the girl and hopefully explore a bit more of the country she calls home. It’s unfamiliar and exciting – but almost comes with a comfort blanket!

With language barriers in day to day life again, foreign bank notes in my wallet and a child like drive to explore

I’m pretty sure my nerves will soon fade and my passion for the world will once again be my driving force.

After that I’m bouncing back to London for a few days to attend the World Travel Market, do some more networking and grab a few cheeky beers (or two!) with some of the amazing bloggers I met at TBEX earlier in the month.

Once that’s done and dusted I’m going cold turkey on the UK – waking up the next morning and jumping on a long haul flight

…with no plans to head back anytime soon.

Destination: Thailand.

I’ll be sharing my full travel plans next week!

Being back in the UK has been a blast – it’s been amazing catching up with people I literally haven’t seen in years and everything I done in the last month has changed my outlook, my work ethic and reignited my passion and drive for blogging, travelling and adventure.

This time has done everything I wanted it to achieve.

But it’s time to move on and hit the road again.


To everyone I’ve seen over the last few week – keep in touch.

To my family – I love you heaps.

To all my readers – get ready for the next adventure.

To all my backpacker friends – mines a mojito…I’ll see you on the beach soon!



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10 Responses

    • Chris

      Totally Monica – it’s amazing!
      And yup – work/life balance is all in order…less work more play :P

  1. Jodie Taylor

    I read 4 hour work week a few years ago, a great book! Definitely has techniques that anyone can apply to their lives. For anyone who’s interested to read it, I found it on PDF online a little while ago. I’d also highly recommend filling in the “dreamline sheet” every once in a while, or creating your own. Great to keep track of how much you are actually achieving and in what time frame.



    • Chris

      Cheers for sharing Jodie – although I’d encourage people to buy the book…good karma and all that!haha!
      Love the dream lining…something I need to remind myself to keep doing!

  2. Jeremy

    Good luck Chris! I read the 4 hr work week about 5 years ago before I was doing anything online or really anything independently and it just made me mad. Now, I can appreciate it much more. I think it’s much more useful once you’ve already started doing your own thing, but there are definitely some good take homes like time management, automation, etc.
    Jeremy recently posted..Best Urban Beach Destinations Around The WorldMy Profile

    • Chris

      Glad you enjoyed the book to Jeremy – there’s so much good advice in there to declutter your life, whether you work online or for someone else.

    • Chris

      DO IT!
      Although I liked having the hard copy of the book so I could highlight stuff and write notes (yup it’s that kind of book!)
      See you at WTM – mines a JD and coke!


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