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4 Things I Miss About Backpacking Asia…And 4 I Don’t!

I bounced back from the lovely land of Asia to surprise my family and friends in the UK and I’ve now been back nearly 2 weeks, 2 weeks of adjusting to life back in Devon, catching up with people and causing some chaos at the TBEX event in Dublin.

After 18months on the road I’ve spent a lot of time in Asia – which was a part of the world that has only recently appealed to me. Even so I’ve spent nearly 8 months of my current backpacking adventure there – covering Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia…so it’s safe to say that despite my initial thoughts Asia has grown on me!

And I’ll be honest with you – I’m having slight withdrawal symptoms after leaving this time – especially as I’m currently back at home.

uk weather
Well hello there English weather!

So what do I miss about Asia?!

Well here’s 4 things I miss…and 4  I dont!


I do miss…the heat – yup the climate in Asia is amazing, heaps of sunshine to top up the tan and enjoy the beaches strewn throughout it. Waking up to a sunny day always puts a smile on my face!


I don’t miss…the heat – on the flip side though somedays in Asia can be stifling hot and heaps humid, so if you’re not in close proximity to a pool, the ocean or a cold shower it can be pretty over powering and sweaty!


I do miss…the 24/7 lifestyle – since being back (Dublin excluded!) I’ve missed being able to do something or go somewhere at any time of the day. Wandering down the street in Thailand at 5am you can easily find somewhere to eat or buy a road beer, but back in the UK I’m hard pushed to find much past midnight! It’s a weird adjustment!

asia backpacker squat toilet
It’s the simple things in life…


I don’t miss…not being able to flush toilet roll – it’s an odd thing to not miss but one of the first things that ran through my head when I got back to Europe was “holy crap I can flush my loo roll!” – no overflowing bins and squat toilets here…it’s all ceramic and disposable!


I do miss…the pricetag – even though my monthly budgeting went slightly AWOL in my last few months over travel it doesn’t compare with the price tag of being back at home! Things like taxis, bus journeys and eating out are no longer within my price range or are huge expenses. In Asia I ate out for literally every meal, back in the UK I cringe every time I even want to buy a sandwhich!


I don’t miss…long, overland travel – I’ve already touched on how cash v comfort has affected my travels and my growing dislike for overland travel, but back in the UK I have some serious rest bite from that. No bouncing around, no sweaty mini buses to content with and I have access to a car again….bliss!


backpack overland travel bangkok singapore south east asia
…and that was just in 2 weeks!

I do miss…the backpackers – one of the best things about backpacking in Asia is the backpacker community itself. Over the last few months I’ve met heaps of amazing people from all around the globe, many of whom are going to be life long friends. Back here though it’s the same faces day in, day out. Sure it’s nice to catch up with people but I have grown accustomed to a fast turnover of people to meet.


I don’t miss…hawkers – one of the best things about being back in Europe is being able to walk into a shop, down the street, or pretty much anywhere without being approached by someone trying to sell you something. I haven’t been offered one ping pong show, tuk tuk or massage – wandering around is stress free again!


It’s been a weird adjustment returning home – full of mixed feelings. But I’m still itching to get on the road again which can only b a good thing! And I can tell you that I’ll be returning to Asia pretty soon…


Have you been backpacking in Asia? Anything you love or hate about it?!


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