And so it’s booked – the next big backpacking adventure in my 2011 calendar is paid and all set to go! Thailand is the venue and September 8th is the date…Asia here I come!

I’m sat watching “The Beach” as I write this and beginning to think it might be a slight omen…maybe I’m destined to discover some amazing travel secret? I very much doubt it with the way Thailands tourist trail has gone these days!

Before It’s Too Late

As sad as it seems that’s half the theory behind choosing Thailand as my next travel destination, the place I’ll spend 3 weeks, some considerable money and all of my annual leave exploring – I want to explore it before the tourist dollar bumps the prices up even more and the tranquil beaches descend even further into the grockle madness I see on my own front doorstep every summer.

Thailand has only recently appealed as a backpacking destination. Before Australia I wouldn’t have thought twice about traveling there – but the numerous stories and pics I’ve seen, coupled with my work at STA Travel, has me drawn to it – it seems like the perfect balance of culture and chaos.

Plus the living cost and comparatively cheap flights still make it great value for money as a long haul destination.

Wait and See…

I’m not going to reveal my Thai plans just yet – but rest assured I’m going to do my best to explore and review as much as I can in my relatively short timescale, hopefully tweeting and blogging some awesome stories and filling your web browser with pics that make you want to quit the daily grind and buy a flight yourself!

What’s more is it’s going to be a purely solo affair – unfortunately my best mate Kyle couldn’t get the time off, so I bit the bullet and decided to go it alone. Could be an interesting decision!

So to quote the Hangover 2 – “HOLLA…CITY OF SQUALOR“!

Have you been to Thailand? Anything you’d recommend I put on my hit list for my time there? Anything I should avoid?

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