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Sydney Wildlife Park

So after the rather large let down that was Taronga Zoo yesterday me, Kez and Bekki headed to the Wildlife Park on Darling Harbour with rather higher, yet slightly reserved hopes.

Opting for the 2 park pass for $49 (saving 20%) we had entry to both the Wildlife Park and the Aqaurium – both situated a short stroll from the Opera House, and just round the corner from Palm Grove.

One word of advice though. Plan this trip. If you can pre book your tickets online so you can que jump….the ques get rather large!

Luckily there was a seperate que to purchase the multipass…and even luckier was the fact it opened just as we arrived, so we skipped a rather long line and got straight in :)

Good start already!

From the word go I was really impressed with the Wildlife Park. Everything is modern, clean and interactive. There is plenty of facts and trivia with every enclosure and heaps of educational stuff for the kids.

We’d turned up a few days into the opening of the ‘Living Dinosaur’ event…a MASSIVE saltwater croc captured in Darwin (due to its nuisance behaviour) had just settled into his new home. And dam was he impressive. The sheer scale of him was awe inspiring. It was also good to have 3 vantage points – ground level including glass panelled viewing of the underwater part, birds eye from the educational centre and the overhanging balcony. We also managed to catch a keeper talk – which was informative and entertaining. Good work!

What caught me off guard was the sheer size of the centre. It didnt look very big from the outside but its deceivingly large. And the amount of species it contains is very impressive too – everything from Koalas and all the Aussie faves right through to the full range of snakes and spiders.

The enclosures are spacious and well designed, which is reflected in the behaviour of the animals. They seem happy and active – which definitely makes the day more entertaining.

In all we spent around 4 hours wandering around and its well worth the money.

I soaked up lots of useless information and had a good day out, it comes highly recommended on my Sydney to do list!