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Surfing, Unemployment and Travel Planning

Todays been rather eventful, exciting, tiring and sad in equal measure – and for a mixture of reasons.

I’ll get the surf update out of the way – mainly because my blog is chock a block full of my surf related ramblings and also because I’m sure my brother only reads the intros to my posts….so I’ll get the jealousy in there before he switches off!

The surfs been pumping! Today saw the first pulse of what the surf forecast sites and media claim to be the biggest swell to hit NSW and indeed Australia this year! Needless to say that has got everyone frothing in anticipation!

So today the tout crew hit the waves – me and Jonesy blagged a lift from my boss Todd to score a lunchtime session at The Pass, which I owned on my longboard! Then we finished the day with an evening session on Main Beach which was jacking up with everyset as the swell rolled in – pits, and wedges galore with a crowd to match.

The second big event was finally getting my East Coast Roadtrip moving. Its been in the pipeline for weeks but today me, Kez, Damo, Jimmy, Jonsey and Louise got round to booking the whole thing up. We’re stoked to be hitting the road again, but leaving behind the Byronian dream is not going to be easy or without a few tears being shed. I love this place and after 6 months here it’s going to be tough leaving it.

Finally – and connected with the roadtrip thing – is the fact that I’ve just completed my final bus tout run. After 4 months, nearly 600 trips, god knows how many touted backpackers and only one pillar scrape I’ve finally handed in the keys to the Aquarius bus for the last time.

It’s weird – this is the only job I’m gutted about leaving! It’s provided the basis of my whole Byron experience. I’ve claimed heaps of free stuff and met and worked alongside some of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing – many of which I know will appear in future travels and random adventures.

Leaving my job this weekend had worked out quite well though. 2 days free accommodation left, 2 free days before leaving and the biggest swell of 2010…SCORE!

So now I’m sat back, enjoying and icy cold beer knowing that once again I’m unemployed, the east coast of Oz is awaiting and the world is once again my oyster.

*Here’s to Byron*