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Stoked for Jan 26th

For me at least Jan 26th is going to be the most epic day of 2010 so far…and it’ll definitely be a contender for day of the year altogether!

There are 3 events I’m pretty stoked about.

First off is the Apple “Look what we’ve created” Event.

Now this year I’m uber stoked in all my geekiness for this event – there have been rumours for months about what they’ll unveil and most of the insider ‘leaks’ are pointing towards the mythical “iTablet” …a 13” touch screen notebook version of a Macbook which fills the middle ground between the iPhone and Apples Macbook range.

From what I’ve read on the forums and blogs (mainly from the vaults of www.iphoneblog.com) it will have a simplified version of the Mac software, and may well be a pimped out version of the iPhone OS. Bring on the app store too!

Word has it that the new device is set to do for magazines and books what the iPod did for music…should be interesting! Although all i want is a scaled down version of my Mac in a smaller package…fingers crossed it runs Photoshop and Word!

So a large chunk of my savings has been firmly put aside and my Macbook is ready to be sent home as soon as the Apple store has them in stock :D

Second off….and significantly more travel blog related is the fact its Australia Day!

Along with pretty much anyone in Oz at the mo I’m pretty stoked for this…it’s gonna be a day of all day goon related carnage….I can see it already!hahaha!

No firm plans for it yet…but frantic text messaging to my Melbourne based travel companions suggests that a beach party and BBQ is in order :) Sweeeeeeeeet!

Thirdly (and on par in the suspense levels with the iTablet) is the launch of the STA Travel Internship.

Having run successfully over the last few years within the US arm of company the STA Internship is basically the most traveltastic job you could hope for. More adventures than your bank balance can afford and more exciting than reviewing street mimes for a Lonely Planet Guide the Internship will see 2 lucky backpacker types jetting around the globe on an STA funded all inclusive tour. From what I can gather as well as being a publicity stunt to drum up awareness for the company it will also serve as a great guide for people planning Gap Years – showcasing many countries on the well trodden backpacker trail but littered with unusual experiences, soaked in culture and being brought to you by the many mediums available to a modern day travelling.

I myself will be prepping YouTube Channels, twitter accounts, facebook, blogs, podcasts and such like in an attempt to win one of the soon to be sought after places, I just hope that the selection process is set up to weedle out boring culture vultures and that a mainstream source will finally provide a decent social media written by honest fun loving travellers for fun loving travellers.


Good luck if your entering!

…well not too much good luck because your my competition!hahaha!

Woop Woop roll on Tuesday…..!