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Saturday Showcase; Adventures With Dan

Since being back at home I’ve had a lot more time to read other peoples travel blogs and have been networking with my fellow bloggers via the joys of twitter and what not – so I thought I’d help you guys discover some banter that you may not have already found, so I’m starting a new series every week called The Saturday Showcase – a quick interview with a travel blogger, some amusing anecdotes, travel tips and piccies who will in turn nominate the next person to be interviewed.

The outcome – I discover new blogs, you discover new blogs, and the bloggers get some promotion, good times all round me thinks!

So to kick things off it’s one of my fave tweeps Dan of Adventures With Dan;

You wake up with no recollection of the night before and a stranger in your bed – what is the most likely turn of events that led to this?!

Considering this is exactly how I met you, I’d have to guess at being date-raped by a fellow blogger!

What’s your worst travel experience?

Arriving in Thailand with no money and no bank card due to leaving them in Australia by accident, then being violated by an old Thai lady during a massage and finding out the person I was travelling with was a selfish person that had no sense of adventure. Terrible time!

And the best?

Going for a quiet night out in Australia and ending up going on a pub/ nightclub crawl with an American, 3 Aussies and one Brit who I then ended up travelling most of Australia with. Meeting new people is just awesome.

I’ve got a teleporter – I’ll let you use it – where are you going to be in 30 seconds time?!

Katy Perry’s bedroom…. Bad answer? Ok, Melbourne. I love it there!

What’s your guilty pleasure when traveling?

Western Food – mainly Subway. I love Subway! Friday’s sub of the day… Tuna and Mayo!

Any countries you’re not so keen on visiting, care to explain why?

I’m keen on going anywhere. I’ll give anything a try once! If I HAD to choose it’d probably be France – just because I can’t speak a word of French.

Any bad travel habits you’ve picked up?

I haggle with everything. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it.

What’s your top travel snap? Where’s it from and why does it top your photo album?

My best photo has to be the one of me snuggling with a tiger in Tiger Kingdom, Thailand. I think it’s obvious why it tops my album – how often are you able to show somebody that you’ve snuggled with a tiger! I did have a photo where they made me spoon the Tiger… but I’m not too proud about that one.

Where’s next adventure?

I think I’m going to be going skiing in Switzerland this year. If not then I’m hoping to be in Iceland for Christmas! I really want to see the Northern Lights so I definitely want to get up there at some point.

Blog wise which post are you proudest of?

It would have to be my photo round up of Australia – it shows how varied Oz really is!

Who do you want to introduce next and why?

It’s going to have to be Claire and Iain from www.oldworldwandering.com – they are my original travel heroes and the reason I got in to blogging! They are awesome and I think you should go check them out.

Go check out Dans banter at www.AdventuresWithDan.com or get onto his twitter feed @AdventureWDan. Hopefully next week we’ll be hearing from the guys over at Old World Wandering ….*fingers crossed*

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