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lifeproof iphone 5S ipad nuud case review (3 of 8)

REVIEW; LifeProof iPhone and iPad Cases (AND A GIVEAWAY!)

lifeproof iphone 5S ipad nuud case review (5 of 8)
LifeProof – Does What It Says On The Tin!

I love taking my technology on the road with me and I’m also a total Apple fanboy – you’ll never find me far from my iPhone, Macbook or iPad on the road and all 3 devices help me keep in touch and work on the road as well as actually helping organise and plan everything too!

My iPhone is also my most used camera too – I love the fact it’s always on hand and the ease of use for the blog and my social media channels too, it allows me to share my adventures in real time and I’m always snapping away!

However my lifestyle does pose some pretty big dangers to my phone – water, sand, dust, general bumps and knocks are all part and parcel of backpacking the world and of course surfing. And given the fact my phone cost over £500 I’m sometime dubious about taking it along for the ride!

Lately though I’ve been less worried about my tech – as the guys from LifeProof sent me over some of their new range of iPhone and iPad cases to test out. Here’s how they’ve been getting on!


Nuud v Fre

lifeproof iphone 5S ipad nuud case review (1 of 8)
The iPhone 5S Nuud Casing

For me one of my favourite things about my phone is the size and the fact it’s a nice looking design – which is why I’m very dubious about cases, especially protective ones. They tend to be pretty bulky and not very nice on the eye, which is why I’ve steered clear of them in the past!

The LifeProof range on the other hand is actually good looking and there’s a variety of colours and choices to choose from so you get a perfect balance of function and fashion! I’ve personally gone with the black/clear option but the Povester decided to add a bit more colour and went with pink!

One of the best options they have though is the choice of the Nuud and Fre ranges.

The Fre is a more traditional protective casing – with a screen protector as part of the casing. All the iPad and iPhone feature work perfectly well through it and it offer that bit of extra security from bumps and scrapes.

lifeproof iphone 5S ipad nuud case review (2 of 8)
You Can Still Access All The Buttons and Ports

The Nuud range on the other hand is a bit more unique in the fact it still gives you direct access to the touch screen and simply creates a seal around the glass of the device. This means the case itself obscures none of the user experience – perfect for people who use it for things like drawing as theres no plastic to scratch and hinder the touch screen reactivity.

The iPhone 5S Nuud case also allows the Touch ID to still be used as well – something many other cases don’t – and to be honest that was a huge plus for me.

I’ve been playing around with both designs and they’re both great options – however I am swaying towards the Nuud simply because it feels like the case has less of a presence.



lifeproof iphone 5S ipad nuud case review (8 of 8)
Simply Slide It In And Snap It Shut!

With both the Nuud and the Fre models fitting either on the iPhone or iPad is actually super simple. After removing any existing screen protectors and giving it a bit of a clean with the included microfiber cloth you simply place it in the casing, and clip on the front – making sure you go round all of the edges and make sure it’s totally snapped shut – you don’t want any leaks!

Removing the cases isn’t hard at all either (should you ever need to) and can be achieved with a coin in the bottom corner – where a neat little slot sits ready for you to twist and unsnap the casing.

Easy as!

Once you’re all sealed up it’s good to go and you still have access to all the buttons and switches. There’s a screw tight seal for access to your headphone port – which is attached to the case unlike some other designs so you can’t loose it. Charging isn’t affected either – you simply click open the door and plug in as normal, but obviously you loose the full waterproof effect during charging.

In fact the design means that you’ll be using you iPhone and iPad as normal, the only difference I’ve noticed is the few extra seconds it takes to plug in the headphones.


lifeproof iphone 5S ipad nuud case review (4 of 8)
Splashes Are No Longer A Worry!


For me the biggest draw of the cases is the waterproof/dust proof/snow proof aspect. Now I’m not going to take it actually in the ocean with me (although they are water tight to 2m so snorkelling would be no worries) but with surfing there’s always water around!

In the interest of putting it through it’s paces I did fully submerge my phone for half an hour. I’ll admit it was completely nerve racking watching my prized iPhone glug to the bottom of the bowl I was using but I’m stoked to say it remained fully functional – which was a massive relief!hahaha!

I also accidentally put it through a real life test too when I spilt an entire cup of tea across my desk last week. My Macbook Pro unfortunately died, all my data lost (ironically I was actually sitting down to perform a backup!) drowned in a hot, milky mess!

My iPhone on the other hand got an equal soaking, however my LifeProof stood firm and out sustained no damage – in fact I actually put it under the tap to wash it off!


Worth It?

Both options on both devices are something I’d highly recommend to anyone on the road – not only does it protect your device (which lets face it is the main reason for investing in one) but it also allows you the peace of mind to take it anywhere with you.

lifeproof iphone 5S ipad nuud case review (3 of 8)
For Me It’s A Solid Investment

I dont’ think twice about chucking my iPad in my bag for the beach or pulling out my iPhone to snap a pic of a waterfall as I get splashed. It’s also impact resistant to 2m too – which isn’t something I plan on testing but it’s nice to know it’s way more likely to survive any accidents!

Cost wise I’ll admit they aren’t cheap – £80 for the iPhone 5S Nuud and £90 for the iPad Mini with the iPad Air coming in just short of £100. However it’s a small price to pay to protect a device that costs nearly £500 – especially if you’re slightly accident prone!

So if you’re looking for a bit of extra security for your device or looking for a practical gift for a traveller the LifeProof range is definitely worth checking out. They’ve also announced that an iPhone 6 model will be released soon too (for those like me who are planning to upgrade!)

Want to buy one? Click here for more details




If you’d like to get your hands on a Lifeproof case I’ve teamed up with them to give away a Lifeproof case and whats more is you can choose from any of their iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Ranges so no matter what device you have you can enter! Simply subscribe to the Backpacker Banter newsletter and head over to the Lifeproof Facebook Page and hit “like”


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