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My Reader Survey – What You Told Me And What I’m Doing About It!

backpacker banter reader survey
A Lot Of Feedback To Sift Through!

A month or so ago I launched my 2013 reader survey off the back of things I learnt from the TBEX Blogger Conference.

I had a great response from you guys and was stoked to read through all your answers and feedback!

So I thought I’d keep you in the loop on what it taught me and how I’m going to act on everything I found out through it.



First off I was totally taken back by the comments people left in the “Other” section at the end of the survey. Words of encouragement and thanks for all the info and stories I’ve shared with you all.

It made me smile heaps and gave me even more enthusiasm to keep blogging, keep travelling and hopefully keep entertaining! I think the heavy use of the word “inspiring” was what really got me – I’d never really considered myself that – I’m just sharing my life on the road…but it seems that it’s caused more than a few of you to go explore the world.

That’s more than I could’ve ever hoped for!


The Best Bits

surfboard face accident
Seems You Love My Misadventures!

The 3 topics that cropped up most as the things you most visit the site for were random stories, budgeting tips and advice, these were also the bits you guys rated as the best parts of the site too – so I’m stoked I got that right!

On the back of that a lot of you also requested more information and more details on budgeting for specific countries and activities. I know I’ve covered some things in my monthly summaries – but you obviously want more.

And what you want – I shall give you! You may have noticed last week that I started my “A Month In…” series and over the next few weeks/months I shall be giving you a detailed breakdown on how much transports, accommodation and activities have been costing me in each country I’ve travelled too.

I started with Thailand – so check out the format and if there’s anything you’d like me to add to future countries just let me know in the comment section.

Seems you like reading about my mis adventures heaps too – with posts like “My Top 10 Worst Travel Experiences”, “My Travel Fears” and “The Truth About Being A Solo Backpacker” cropping up again and again as the top overall post.

Not sure if that translates as you enjoying my pain – or simply my honesty!hahaha!

…I’ll console myself with the fact 9% of you ticked the box that said “I just think you’re pretty Chris”!


The Bad Bits

Along with the good I asked you to be honest and tell me what I need to improve on – and again you obliged!

One of the main things was the lack of search engine on the site. Actually there is one on the side bar – but it seem to have merged into the background a bit and you obviously want seomthing a bit more accessible and prominent. I’m currently searching for a good wordpress plugin to implement, but if any of you are techy and have one you can suggest let me know!

A couple of people also picked me up on my grammar and spelling too. I fully admit I’m pretty damn useless at proof reading posts before they go live – my only real excuse is that it can be hard to juggle travel and writing…and I do tend to write with a few beers!

…I’ll do my best in the future to check things before I hit publish though!

On the text front a few people wanted post titles to be bigger on the homepage too – I’ll get on the case for you.

The other thing was advertising on the side bar. I’ll be honest guys I sell advertising on the site, it’s how I keep it running and support my travels – I’ve tried to make it as unobtrusive and as relevant as possible though.


Post Suggestions

backpacker banter chris stevens travel blog
I’m On The Case!

You guys also gave me some pretty good starting points for future posts you’d like to read too – so watch out for them filtering through in amongst my adventures, its really good to know what you want to read about and where I’ve left gaps in my blogs to fill – so cheers for helping me out on that front!

Seems you want to know a bit more about me – check out the “general banter” category for the more me related posts!

I also had a couple of requests for an e-book too. It’s an idea I’ve toyed with, even if it’s to parcel up some of the information into my posts into an easy to read format and be downloadable for offline reference.

The thought of doing all that work scares me slightly though! It’s one I’ll put on the back burner for now unless you guys REALLY want me to do it!

In which case ping me a comment below on what type of e-books you’d like to have!


Social Media

Seems the bulk of you are following me on twitter, facebook and instagram and you want more ways to interact and more pictures.

backpacker banter travel blog
I’m Stoked To Keep Blogging!

I’ve already got started (you’ll hopefully have noticed an increase in image posts) and I’ll start asking more questions – so make sure you get the conversation going! I do my best to reply to every comment and feel free to banter between yourselves and pass on any info/advice you have too!

I’ll also do my best to wangle you some more discounts and get some more competitions running too.



Well I’m stoked with how the survey went – it’s let me know what I’m doing right, the issues I need to iron out and where you guys want it to go.

Overall though it gave me even more stoke to keep it going, your words of support (both in the survey and post comments) give me some epic job satisfaction and I’m glad you like the site!

Thanks again to everyone that filled it in – I write the site for you so if there’s anything I can help with or posts you’d like me to write chuck me an email!

….ooo and before I forget I also promised to giveaway 3 copies of the Alchemist…I chucked all your names in a hat and the winners are;

  •  Brad Rymer
  • Ove Weinrebe
  • Emma Blackmore

Congrats guys – I’ll be dropping you an email in the next few days to sort out your prizes :)


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