Over the last year I have become rather accustomed to life on the road as a backpacker, and it’s a lifestyle that only fellow backpacker can relate too.

Waking up and not knowing the adventures that await, spontaneously packing and leaving for new pastures…it’s a fast paced, unpredictable but ultimately rewarding experience.

But for the time being I’m no longer part of that world, and my sense of time has come to a screeching halt.
In Byron I could pass hours simply wandering on the beach, soaking up the sun or sitting in the surf.

But back in England life has sunk right back into the slow mundane pace I hoped it wouldn’t.

I’ll be honest. I’m pretty bored.
Bored and unemployed – it’s a pretty self consuming combination.

If you’re travelling at the moment and trying to decide whether to return home or carry on to another new and exciting country I’ll cut this short – keep travelling.
I’ve heard many stories from backpackers about the transition you have to go through when coming home – it really is like two different worlds, and moving between them takes a lot of time and adjustment.
And thanks to the recession the likelihood of keeping yourself busy and quickly saving up by slotting back into employment if pretty scarce, in fact at the moment it seems like a better option to shell out for a flight and work in New Zealand where jobs are seemingly easier to come by!

It’s un nerving realising that barely anything or anyone you left behind has changed – you’ve grown as a person, expanded your horizons and had some of the most amazing experiences you could wise but the world you kept behind seems in an almost time warp state.

So yeah, the travel blues are in full swing, not helped by the lack of dollar to go out and party or visit some people.

I’m missing the pace of life.
I’m missing the people.
I’m missing the life of a backpacker.

…let the planning of the next adventure commence!

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