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So What’s My Plan For Thailand?!

I can’t believe it’s now only a week until I jump on a plane for my next backpacking adventure – this time to the chaos that is Thailand! I’ve kept you all in the dark somewhat about where I’ll be heading and what I’ll be getting up to so I thought it was about time to divulge some details and let you in on what my first proper trip to Asia will entail…

Making the Most of My Time

As I have a fairly limited time scale in Thailand (oh the joys of full time work!) I need to make the most of my time and therefore my trip has a little bit more structure than I’m used too. I’m very much a fan of winging a lot of it and going with the flow – but with so many exciting things to cram in this time it’s pretty set in stone. The aim is to experience what I view as 3 key points in Thailand; Chiang Mai, Bangkok and The Thai Islands.

Hopefully covering them all – if only briefly – will allow me to give you heaps of stories and also allow me to pass of some nuggets of wisdom with my work at STA Travel.

The Thai Islands

My first port of call is the Thai Islands in the South. To cut down on travel time I’m flying straight into Koh Samui. But the real pivotal point of my time here has to be the epic Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan – another thing to tick off my bucket list! After recovering from this I’m heading over to Koh Tao to relax in the tropical water and have some serious downtime!


Following some beachy goodness in the islands I’ll be grabbing the overnight train up to the capital of Thailand and the so called “city of squalor” – Bangkok. It’s a fleeting visit of a few days but I aim to pack in as much of the chaos as I can – from the beautiful floating markets to the infamous Koh San Road, even meeting up with some bloggers along the way (including Poi and Kirsty of No Place to Be) …it should be a whirlwind of activity!

Chiang Mai

I’m finishing off my trip with another overnight sleeper train, this time to the Northern capital of Chiang Mai. Again the aim of the game is to relax, it being my last few days in the country – taking in scenery and exploring the surrounding area. Thai boxing and tiger sanctuaries are top of the agenda here, not forgetting the night bizzares for some last minute bargains!

Follow The Carnage!

So that’s a brief run down of my plan – obviously I’m not going to give everything away because that would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it!? But you can keep up to date with what I’m up too by subscribing to my twitter feed [@BckPackerBanter], liking the Backpacker Banter Facebook page, bookmarking this blog or signing up to our RSS feed and newsletter on the right hand side.

I’ll do my best to get some blogs up whilst I’m out there (don’t worry there’s some stuff scheduled to tie you over anyhow!) but tweeting is going to be the way forward, with lots of pics and anecdotes to get you stoked to book your flights!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my antics and I’ll be bringing you lots of tasty Thai blog post treats on my return – including reviews and no doubt a lot of intoxicated, bucket fuelled stories!

But for the time being let the final countdown commence!